Cheap Flights to Sorrento (RRO)
Mar 28 , 2021 · 1 min read

About Sorrento

Sorrento is one of Italy’s famed sea-side cities. Its construction along the Atlantic Ocean will have anyone fall in love with the natural beauty of water complimenting the historic Italian architecture along its coasts. Sorrento’s focus is tourism, so you can expect to be received by the local businesses with open arms and smiles.

Weather and Best Season to Visit

It is always recommended to visit Sorrento during the summer to best enjoy its seaside splendors, and avoid the frigid temperatures blowing in from the ocean during winter.

Things to Do

Once arrived, you can spend your time at the Marina Grande, gazing out upon the ocean water and spoiling yourself with historic seafood dishes prepared by the many coastal restaurants.

During the day, many tourists decide to travel to other nearby destinations like Capri or Ischia, and then return to Sorrento for the evenings when the city is best enjoyed with nightly walks by the water.

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