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About Rome

Rome is the heart of Italy, and one of the most famous cities in all the world. 

Weather and Best Season to Visit

For most, Fall and Winter are the optimal months to visit. During these months, the tourist crowds are drastically smaller, and hotel rentals are discounted. Winter months are fairly warm in Italy as well, as its closer to the equator than most European travel destinations.

Things to Do

Once in Rome there are plenty of attractions to keep you busy. Visit the Colosseum – the most famous attraction of Rome, renowned for being the domesticated landmark of early gladiator battles.

You can also walk up the world-famous Spanish Steps and visit the Via dei Condotti, the street dedicated to many boutique shopping locations. And after all that, sit, relax, and enjoy the Roman Jazz Festival. Hosted every November and famed for its catalogue of world-revered Jazz musicians. You’re sure to be mesmerized with fond memories.

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