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About Pisa

Pisa is a beautiful city located In Italy’s Tuscany region. It is best known for its iconic leaning tower and is full of attractions for visitors to explore.

Weather and Best Season to Visit

Without a doubt, the ideal time to visit Pisa is between April and June. During this period, crowd levels are low, and the temperature is warm but not overly hot. It’s a great chance to see the city without overwhelming crowds and uncomfortable heat.

Things to Do

You can’t visit Pisa without making a stop at the leaning tower. This unique freestanding bell tower has a four degree-lean due to an unstable foundation and makes for a great photo opportunity. The Cathedral of Santa Maria is also a must-see in Pisa and features gorgeous architecture that dates back to the 11th century. It has a regal aesthetic with stunning marble arches and three bronze doors.

To get a deeper understanding and appreciation for the history of Pisa, take a trip to the Museo Nazionale. Here you’ll learn about the origins of the city through sculptures and artifacts. There are even a series of ancient manuscripts from churches in the area. If you have a love for the ocean, Pisa is only a quick 15-minute train ride away from the coastal city of Viareggio, where you can spend the day roaming the beach.

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