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About Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro as it is fondly known is named to be the roof of Africa. Enthusiasts mountain climbers always strive to climb the mountains as it is one of the easiest summits to climb out of the seven summits in the world.

The other reasons for being a favourite mount to climb is its awesome rustic beauty, no requirement of special skills to climb and no need to have mountaineering equipment to enjoy climbing awesome mountain Kilimanjaro. In simple words, you can say that it is like walking on a hill and not climbing on a hill.

Kilimanjaro is different from other summits as it is the world’s tallest free-standing mountain. The mountain is formed due to volcanic activity of three volcanic cones named Kibo, Shira and Mawenzi. However, don’t think that the volcano is dead as Kibo still shows it is alive remaining dormant for 10,000 years. 

Even though it is easier to climb Kilimanjaro unfortunately many fail because of altitude sickness. Don’t be crestfallen, as body fitness and climbing along with the right guide is sure to help you reach the peak of summit. As history shows that even aged people have successfully climbed the mountain without any hassles.


It is one of the Tanzania administering regions consisting near about 201,150 in the year 2017. The annual population growth rate is approximately 1.8 percent. The population of the place is of mixed cultural community following different religions. Mainly indigenous Bantu, Arabians and Indians reside at the base of the mountain, Kilimanjaro.


The history of the gorgeous mountain goes back to millions of years. The mountain was formed due to eruptions of three volcanic cones. Tribal people used to live there a millennium before the Christ era.  Many African history notes do mention Kilimanjaro as a snow clad mountain or a mountain that is white in colour. In the 15th century, Portuguese explorers mentioned that it has ‘Mountains of the Moon’ that is the source of the Nile. In the 18th century British and German explorers thought to climb the mountain to know in detail about the origin of the Nile and other rivers of Africa. The year 1889 saw a German native Hans Meyer successfully climbing the summit after failing twice. Then there were many mountaineers fulfilling their adventurous spirit of climbing one of the tallest peaks in the world.


The temperature is extreme as it is hot as well cold. That is the reason climbers enjoy unique experiences as they pass different climate zones till they reach the summit of the mountain. It is similar to travelling from the equator to Antarctica.

Best Time to Visit

The region does have its share of dry and wet seasons as it is located near the Equator. Hence, it will be suitable to visit the place during the dry season. In those times, you won’t be facing undesired climatic issues like rain, snow or troubled with high wind. Moreover, climbing can be done successfully without any trouble when the weather is good.

Things to Do

The most important exciting thing to do is to climb the mountain and visit the national park at its base. Here is the list of things to do:

  • Most travellers visit the park listed as the World Heritage site mainly to climb the mountain. The first thing to do is hire a trusted licensed guide to assist you in climbing the mountain easily. Not to hurry as even the easiest route like the Marangu route takes five to six days to the top of the summit. 
  • The national park is heaven on Earth for wildlife lovers. The park receives a lot of rainfall, thus has lush vegetation that supports animals and birds to live without any trouble. To watch them you need to hire the help of a forest ranger to enjoy a safe safari trip. 
  • The ever enchanting Chala Crater Lake. It is not to be missed when you visit the place as it is a natural crater rim. The lake is 1.6 miles vast and has the most colourful water that attracts many tourists all over the world. The colours range from turquoise emerald green as according to the climate and season of the year. The accommodation near the lake is scarce as you can stay at the lake’s campsite. 
  • Favourite activity of all, hiking. You can anytime hike in the wilderness surrounding the lake and in the low level of the mountain with your family. There will be camps to stay overnight and even at daytime to enjoy living in the open in the midst of nature wonders. It will be beneficial to hire a guide while planning for hiking as there are steep paths, deep tree roots and even need to do rock climbing as the routes aren’t maintained for easy hiking or climbing the mountain.

Kilimanjaro is world famous as it offers easy climbing in the midst of lovely spectacular views that no other mountains offer the climbers. It is a place where you view nature mystic wonders as there are a lot of craters, uncommon flora and the magic of getting away from civilization is really a blissful feeling.  

The whole scenario, the coffee shops at the base of the mountain, the taste of delicious native food, living in campsites in the remote place and the jaw dropping beauty of the snow-clad Kilimanjaro are some of the reasons why people visit the place often. You just need to take flights to Kilimanjaro to get away from daily life once in a while.

Airport Information

There are many however the nearest one is the Lushoto airport 73km away from Kilimanjaro base. The other one, nearest is the Tanga airport approximately 117.81km away. You can even land at Kisauni and Wawi airport.

You can book your tickets through reliable sources like Trip Support. You can fly with the Ethiopian airlines and pay later after booking your tickets. We are ready to provide all facilities to make your trip to Kilimanjaro pleasant and exciting.

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