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About Kansas City

Kansas City is Missouri’s largest city and is a supremely underrated travel destination. Even though it’s in the midwest, it’s full of incredible culture and things to do.

General Weather

The weather in Kansas City is generally fairly typical – the winters are cold and dry while the summers are hot and humid. The one unique feature of the climate here is the occasional occurrence of tornadoes.

Things to Do

Although Kansas City may not have a reputation as a prominent foodie city, it has some incredible cuisine you can try when you visit. Try the carefully smoked Kansas City style of barbeque or indulge in the Kansas City strip cut of steak.

Kansas City also has its own distinct style of jazz music and is considered one of the “cradles of jazz” within the United States. The Power and Light District is an up and coming district with several trendy bars and restaurants. You can also catch a Kansas City Chiefs game if you’re interested in American football. This team has won the Superbowl twice, in 1969 and in 2019.

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