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About Fredericton

Fredericton is New Brunswick’s capital, and it is set on the banks of the St. John river. Historically, it has always had the laid-back vibe that has made it the family-friendly holiday destination today. As the river curves its way through the city, it lays up some of the best walking and biking tracks. There is also an appealing complex of historic red brick buildings forming the main street that date as far back as 1784, during which it served as a British military outpost.

Fredericton 2

Today, it still pays homage to the English culture that formed it with street names alluding to British culture and the gothic style architecture in some parts of town. This is because the town was an asylum for people who fled the American Revolution, and the Kings Landing close is substantial evidence for this fact.


Fredericton is a city of tightly knit communities. It has experienced a steady population growth of about 1.49% since 2001, and the population of the city stands at above 90,000 people today.  This population comprises people from all over the world, including the Chinese, Afro-Caribbean nationalities etc., including a dynamic collection of Aboriginal tribes.


Fredericton was a bone of contention between the British and the French for much of the 17th century. However, in 1710, the French ceded control to the British. It was initially part of Nova Scotia, but when New Brunswick came up in 1784, Fredericton became its capital. It was famous among Irish and Scottish settlers in the early 18th century, with the highest influx of Irish settlers coming during the Potato Famine of the 1840s.  Throughout history, it has always welcomed immigrants, and today New Brunswick prides itself as being one of the most cosmopolitan towns in Canada.

General Weather

Since Fredericton is much more inland than other New Brunswick Cities like St John’s, the summers are warmer, and the winters are just as cold. The region also experiences all four seasons distinctly. Winter temperatures range between -3 °C to -15 °C, and summer temperatures can have highs of over 25 °C.

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Best Time to Visit

As is the case with most cities, warm weather attracts the most tourism. For Fredericton, this falls between June and August.  Despite this, you can still visit the town until mid-September.

Things to Do

Fredericton has the highest concentration of craft breweries of any town in Canada. Drinking jokes aside, you can literally have your fill in many of the cideries, breweries and meaderies in town. Among its many quirks is The Bill Thorpe Walking, a converted railway bridge that’s now open to cyclists and pedestrians only. Once you get to the bridge’s midway point, be sure to take a moment to enjoy the wicked views of the St. John River’s North and South shores. Dubbed ‘the city on the edge of nature, there is over 88km of cycling tracks in Fredericton, and if you want, you can also kayak or canoe on the St. John River. There is also a vibrant art and culture scene to explore, with festivals like Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival and New Brunswick Summer Music Festival being some of the highlights. For the historical buffs, the King’s Landing and Beaverbrook Art Gallery are good places to start to see the history of this city.

Airport Information

Fredericton International Airport YFC is the main airport in the city, with the National Carrier Air Canada operating regular local and international flights from it. Likewise, you can use porter airlines for your flights to Fredericton from Toronto.

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