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About Crotone

The city of Crotone sits on the coast of Italy’s Calabria region. It boasts lovely views of the Ionian Sea along with lush green landscapes and rolling hills. The city dates back to 710 BC and was originally known as the Achaean colony of Kroton.

Weather and Best Season to Visit

Travellers should prioritize the summer months when visiting Crotone as it has favourable temperatures of around 77 degrees Fahrenheit and there is little rain. This makes for great weather to swim in the ocean or layout on one of Crotone’s many beaches.

Things to Do

You won’t want to miss out on the popular historic attraction, the fortress of Capo Rizzuto which is just 30 km outside of Crotone. This gorgeous fortress is all that remains of a large area that once was a village surrounded by a wall. It is quite spectacular and resembles a scene from a storybook. There is much to do in Crotone’s city centre such as visit museums, cathedrals, or simply wander the charming streets.

South of the city is home to Capo Rizzuto Marine Protected Area that has seagrass forests, starfish, and barracudas. Some of the areas of this protected area are open for guests to scuba dive, fish, or swim in with certain regulations. Also, just south of Crotone is the Capo Colonna Archaeological Park which consists of 30 hectares of archaeological excavations, including the remains of a sanctuary that is one of the most sacred places in the Mediterranean. This park is a great place to explore and spend the day in the fresh air.

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