Cheap Flights to Bologna (BLQ)
Mar 9 , 2021 · 1 min read

About Bologna

Bologna may not be as widely known as Rome or Milan, but the underrated city is one of Italy’s destination treasures. Classic Italian streets wind their way through Bologna, populated by historically rich terracotta buildings and clay roofs – an unforgettable visual marvel for any travellers searching for their next world trip.

Weather and Best Season to Visit

A vacation in Bologna will always be less expensive than somewhere like Rome, however it’s suggested to visit during warmer months – such as May or June, so that you can walk the streets and take in the sights.

Things to Do

Most of Bologna’s appeal is in the environment, such as its museums, courtyards, and its famous Two Towers. Bologna is also praised for it’s dining and restaurants – so eating around is a must! Bologna is a mandatory trip for any world traveller, and a supreme option for anyone looking to experience the best of Italy.

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