Tulum Weather: Best Bime to Visit Tulum

Nov 9 , 2021 · 8 min read

Tulum is one of Mexico’s most popular tourist destinations for many reasons, including the wonderful weather. The city on the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula is blessed with a tropical climate with warm temperatures almost all year round. As with many places in the tropics, there isn’t much variation in the seasons we know as spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Locals go more on the wet season, usually happening June through to October, and the dry season in the other months.

Also known as high and low seasons, the two times of the year have their pluses and minuses. In the rainy season, there can be a lot of rain, but there are fewer crowds and prices tend to be lower. The dry season has the best weather for sun-seekers, but there are more tourists in Tulum at that time and rates for services, including accommodation, usually go up.  

It can rain at any time of the year, so going in the high season doesn’t guarantee perfect weather. But it sure does give you the best chance for those blissful sunny days you are dreaming of. In the rainy season, it doesn’t rain all day, every day. If you don’t mind a bit of rain and are more interested in relaxing and sightseeing rather than lying on the beach, it can be a nice time to go. You can also maximize your budget and maybe stay in Tulum for longer. 

The best time to visit Tulum is any month that suits you, except maybe the height of hurricane season. Hurricane season is from June to November, with the highest likelihood of a hurricane striking in the months of August and September. 

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When it comes to Mother Nature, all we know is she is unpredictable. You have to weigh up the pros and cons of traveling in high or low season and work out your priorities. What we also know is you will have an absolutely fabulous vacation in Tulum any month of the year because it is a beautiful place full of color, culture, and beauty.

The beautiful spring of Tulum

Does it rain all day in Tulum?

The climate of Tulum is tropical, hot all year round, with a rainy season from May to October. June is considered the lowest season in Tulum as it is one of the rainiest months leading to the best hotel rates, fewer crowds and a quiet atmosphere. There is a chance of hurricanes, most likely in the months of August and September. In September, you can see rain 50% of the time as it is the wettest month of the year. However, the rain showers tend to be short-lived, like for an hour or two followed by sunshine. 

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Rainy season can also have some amazing pros, one of them being SAVINGS! If you plan to visit Tulum during the rainy season, you can get special offers on flights and hotel deals. The prices for all of them are comparatively lower than what it is during the peak seasons. The rainy season also marks the tail end of the whale shark migration, allowing you to see these giants up close. Also, in September, the Mexicans celebrate their Independence Day on the 15th, marking a huge celebration that includes music, dancing, lots of food, and so much more. You can also enjoy the Autumn Equinox at Chichen Itza. 

Spring – March, April, May

Spring is here and you can expect average temperatures to be 25°C to 28°C (about 77°F to 82°F). The highs can reach 28°C to 31°C (around 82°F to 88°F), which is wonderful for all the fun in the sun activities on offer in Tulum. Cooler evenings are a welcome break from the sweltering heat. You will be enjoying cocktails at the beach while watching the sunset or maybe indulging in a massage. Tulum weather in March, April and May is very enjoyable. 

The chance of rain is slowly going up as the wet season approaches. Sometimes the rain will clear the beach from crowds of people, give beautiful light for photography or cool you off. When you are living your best life in the tropics, you learn to appreciate the rain. It also nourishes all the plant life you see around the beautiful Tulum area. 

Tulum weather in summer

Summer – June, July, August

As you might imagine, summer is the hottest time of year and perfect for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, and water sports that Tulum is famous for. The temperature sits around 28°C (about 82°F) during the summer months. At the hottest time of the day, Tulum weather can peak at 31°C to 32°C (about 88°F to 90°F). High humidity can be challenging for some travelers, so be sure to drink plenty of water. Early morning starts for sightseeing and late afternoon and evening activities are a way to beat the heat. At nighttime, the temperatures are lower, around 24°C (75°F). Tulum weather in June, July and August is very pleasant.

Tulum weather in June is lovely and the ideal time to travel.

You can expect rain showers about half the days of every month, or 50% of the time. They are usually short bursts of light to heavy rain, so they won’t ruin your plans; rather they become part of your day. The water is still warm, and all you need is a light raincoat and umbrella. If you are already in the pool, you won’t even notice the sprinkling of water.

Tulum weather in autumn

Autumn – September, October, November

October and November are some of the most beautiful months to be in Tulum. The post-hurricane-season breeze is gently blowing, making it a pleasurable time to be outdoors. The hotel prices are reasonable too.

Usually, the average temperature hovers between 26°C and 28°C (about 79°F to 82°F) with possible highs of 28°C to 31°C (82°F to 88°F). At night cooler temperatures see 23°C to 24°C (about 73°F to 75°F). The chance of rain is less than in the summer months. Tulum weather in September, October and November is just dreamy.

Tulum weather in  winter

Winter – December, January, February

These winter months are the coolest in Tulum, although, for most travelers, you could hardly call it winter when it’s still so warm. In December, the weather in Tulum is amazing, and if you are dreaming of a tropical Christmas, this is your big chance. The average temperature during these months is 24°C (about 75°F). January tends to be the coolest, and you can expect temperatures in the low 20s °C. 

Things To Do In Tulum If It’s Raining

While rain isn’t something you would wish for during your vacation, there is still plenty to do if The Weather Man delivers some black clouds. 

You can hit the spa for some relaxing pampering. There is nothing like getting a massage in the tropics while listening to the heavy rain pouring down outside. A class is a great way to spend a few hours learning a new skill or practicing a hobby. You could take a yoga class or traditional cooking class probably without even leaving your hotel. 

Camping out at the beach bar and trying all the cocktails on the menu is a great way to pass the time if it’s raining in Tulum and when it stops, you will already be at the beach for when the sun comes out. Buy a good book or magazine and catching up on some reading or play a game of cards with your travel partner. Many resorts have gyms and libraries, which are good places to kill an hour or two. For some cultures, you could visit an art gallery like Sfer Ik Tulum. The interactive art space with work by talented visual artists is modern, innovative, and inspiring. 

Of course, shopping is a wonderful pastime and if you are inside a big mall, you will forget it’s even raining. There are several major shopping malls, factory outlets, and indoor shopping areas. When the rain falls, it is the ideal time to shop for souvenirs for friends and family back home and pick up a few things for yourself. After you have shopped for a while, indulge in a tasty Mexican meal, and by the time you are finished, there is a good chance the rain will have stopped. 

If it starts raining and you really don’t have the patience to wait it out, you could drive out of the rainy area. The area is flat, so when a storm comes in, it is usually blown away quickly. You could drive 5 to 10 miles in any direction and find the weather is different from the place you came from. Chasing the sun is fun!

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Things To Do In Tulum If It’s Sunny (which is most of the time)

The sunny tropical weather is a major drawcard for tourists visiting Tulum in Mexico. When the sun is shining and the temperatures are blissfully warm, you can go swimming, surfing, boating, explore caves, sunbath, visit ruins, tourist attractions and go hiking. The great outdoors in Tulum area is abundant in beauty and nature. Visiting some cenotes and swimming in the cool blue waters is a must to cool off, and there are lots of nature parks and lagoons around Tulum. If there is a little wind, a kiteboarding lesson could unlock your newest hobby. You will never run out of fun and exciting activities to do in Tulum when the weather is fine and the sun is shining. 

There is less rain as the dry season nears. Tulum weather in December, January, and February are ideal for sightseeing, trips, tours, and relaxing.

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