Which Poutine in Halifax is Better (Update:2022)
Mar 8 , 2021 · 3 min read

Is there anything more quintessentially Canadian than poutine other than maybe maple syrup or hockey?

Like any good foodie will do, going in search of Canada’s national dish is something of an adventure itself. This beloved and glorious creation consisting of french fries, squeaky-good cheese curds and gravy, is often associated with Montreal, but Canada’s greatest contribution to gastronomy can be enjoyed from coast to coast, preferably with a nicely crafted beer or two.

And no providence offers a better array of poutine than Halifax.

We’ve gathered the best poutine spots throughout Halifax. So when you book your next trip to Halifax with TripSupport, you are guaranteed to know the best spots to sample Canada’s national dish.
Gourmet Delight

A Gourmet Delight

Think poutine can’t possibly be gourmet? Think again. This hangout takes poutine up a few notches to transform the dish into borderline Michelin-style cuisine. How? Simple – it all comes down to preparation. Cheese Curds Gourmet Burgers + Poutine and chef Bill Pratt make everything from scratch using only the highest quality ingredients. They consistently wow the residents and visitors of Halifax with their surprisingly pristine taste.

poutine in Halifax offerings are variations of the traditional mix of cheese curds, fries, and gravy. How about fiery Thai chili chicken or the sour goodness of Korean kimchi? Each and every option is packed with robust flavour, making the mouth water.

Willy’s Fresh Cut Fries & Burgers

If you only go to one place for poutine in Halifax, go here! It’s a no-frills shop for poutine with donair meat, a spit-roasted shaved beef topped with a garlicy-sweet sauce – a local specialty.

Sometimes with poutine, it’s the topping that saves the day. Willy’s consistently tops Halifax’s “Best Poutine” list and with good reason. The fries are topped with just the right amount of sumptuous curds and salted-to-perfection gravy. Several aspects of their poutine come together to make the magic: the freshly hand-cut fries, homemade vegetarian gravy, and cheese curds are all as good on their own as they are together, creating the symphony of flavours.

Pizza Corner, Halifax – Johnny K’s Donair

This is a hip spot that usually opens during the summer at the Pizza Corner. Their poutines feature, as you’ve probably already guessed, donair meat. Try the chicken donair poutine with a heaping dollop of donair sauce over the resident gravy and cheese fries. It could very well be your new favourite.

Your Father’s Moustache

The poutine at this neighbourhood haunt serves up a good ol’ fashioned traditional poutine platter, and sometimes throws in tasty additions such as pulled pork. The gravy is always delicious, the fries are always perfectly cooked and crispy – everything you’d want in a no-frills poutine delight.

True North Diner

At Halifax’s outskirts is this wonderful 50’s style diner offering up your basic diner fare – hamburgers, fries, shakes, and floats. But what sets this apart from other diners is their traditional yet incredibly delicious poutine. With a fabulous-tasty gravy and huge cheese curds, the atmosphere of the diner just adds to the experience.

Peruse the kitschy posters on the walls, and saddle up to the jukebox where you can get your fill of Buddy Holly or Elvis as you dine on your poutine.

serving of Poutine

Smoke’s Poutinerie

How would YOU like your poutine in Halifax? A jack-of-all-trades poutine establishment, they serve traditional poutine (quite deliciously, by the way) but they will cater to your specific tastes by adding on extras at your whim. Items such as nacho grande topping, steak peppercorn, or ‘triple pork madness’ can be slathered atop your poutine dish. You will come away more than satisfied. And they are open late!

We invite you to try all of these poutine delights during your TripSupport getaway to Halifax!

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