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Which is better? Maui vs Honolulu for Vacation

Oct 20 , 2021 · 8 min read

If you can’t decide whether to pack your suitcases for Maui or Honolulu, what a great problem to have! Don’t worry because we have the lowdown on both places and you will have an epic vacation whichever destination you choose.

Lovely Maui

Maui is the second-largest island in Hawaii and is also known as The Valley Isle. Get ready for gorgeous beaches, beautiful weather and that chilled-out island vibe that fits so perfectly with a holiday in the tropics.

The beaches lure many travelers to Maui. You can take your pick from white, black, or red sand beaches with over 30 miles of sandy shores, so it’s easy to find your piece of paradise. You can go sunbathing, swimming or try water sports like snorkeling, paddle boarding, diving and surfing.  

Maui for Vacation

Some beaches like Big Beach are well-known and busy enough to justify lifeguards on duty, while others are off-the-beaten-track secluded beaches where you might be lucky enough to be alone apart from the sea life. From West Maui to East Maui, any beach bum can find a beach to relax and enjoy blissful sunny days.

When you are feeling hungry, you have an array of dining options. Maui is known for farm and/or ocean-to-table cuisine that is as fresh as can be. A luau is a great way to sample traditional food, or you can find many restaurants serving up traditional fare and international dishes too.

The stunning backdrop also attracts nature lovers, photographers, and tourists who love the fresh air and great outdoors.

The sacred Iao Valley also holds great historical significance. In 1790 the Battle of Kepaniwai took place there, which saw King Kamehameha I fight with Maui’s army in his efforts to unite the islands. Kamehameha won against Maui’s forces in a gory battle that altered the course of Hawaii’s history.

The Maui Ocean Center is the place you can be sure to see what you might see in the ocean. It is home to many species of reef fish, sharks, stingrays, and sea turtles. They also have an innovative virtual reality experience with Hawaii’s humpback whales.

Honolulu for Vacation

If you are feeling a bit adventurous, check out the Haleakala National Park and see Haleakala Volcano, the world’s largest dormant volcano. We recommend you book a tour to have an experienced guide keep you safe and well-informed about the details of the park. The sunrise tour is well worth getting up early for, or a day tour will take in many sights, including Kepaniwai Gardens, quaint historic towns, churches and major landmarks. A bike tour is another exciting way to take in the gorgeous sights of Haleakala National Park.

Still seeking thrills surrounded by nature?

The pools at Ohio are the place to cool off after a long day of sightseeing. There are seven swimming holes to splash around in with pretty waterfalls in the background. To get there, you walk through a picturesque bamboo forest. The Upper Waikani Falls offer a similar experience and usually isn’t as crowded as the popular Ohio pools.

Maui vs Honolulu

During winter on the island of Maui, you can see migrating humpback whales and when we say winter, it is the coolest time of the year, but you can still expect a dreamy temperature hovering around 15-25 degrees celsius. At Christmas, Father Christmas rocks up in shorts and a t-shirt – it’s that hot!

More Highlights of Maui

Beautiful Honolulu

Honolulu is in the south of the island of Oahu and is the capital of Hawaii. As you would expect, there is a humming vibe with lots of shopping, entertainment and nightlife. The beach is pristine and lined with palm trees and high-rise hotels and luxury resorts. This cosmopolitan sprawl attracts vacationers who love a vibrant beach scene with all the conveniences and luxuries you would wish for.

honolulu in hawaii

If you love arts and culture, Honolulu will delight you. The Bishop Museum is the biggest museum in Hawaii, full of artifacts and antiques from Hawaii and the Pacific. For kids, there is an educational planetarium where they can learn about how explorers navigated the Pacific by the stars.

There are lots of interactive displays, and the museum building is a gem in itself. Next up, the Honolulu Museum of Art showcases an impressive collection of fine art. Don’t miss Iolani Palace, formerly the residence of the royal family.

For foodies, Honolulu serves up the best meals from traditional Hawaiian classics to modern takes that are fresh in presentation and taste. Casual beachfront restaurants, fine dining or a food truck serving up poke bowls – every meal promises to be divine. Locals claim Kalua pig takes best in the capital and you can’t go wrong with a mai tai at sunset.

germany food

Waikiki Beach is the most famous sandy spot in town. There are always lots of activities going, including jet-skiing, surfing, swimming, and fun banana boat rides. If you need a break from the beachhead to Waikiki Zoo and Waikiki Aquarium, or you can find many shopping and tourist attractions nearby. A major landmark near the beach is Pearl Harbor, where you can see memorials, museums and other places of historical interest.

When you get the urge for some retail therapy, there is no better place than Ala Moana Boulevard. There you can find Hawaiian goods and international brands with everything, including fashion, accessories, homeware, souvenirs, books and specialty items. It is home to the biggest mall on the island and also has restaurants, bars and cafes, and entertainment.

There is a big public park that is nice for strolling around or for a picnic. Ala Moana translates to “path to the sea,” so you can guess the beach is not far away. Dotted around sunny Honolulu, you can find shopping malls, boutique stores, markets, and plenty of other shopping opportunities. Make sure you spare plenty of space in your suitcase and you might like to take home some fresh tropical orchids or flower leis too.

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Hawaii is a beautifull

When it comes to Maui versus Honolulu, a lot comes down to personal preference. Both islands are unique tropical paradises that tick all the major boxes sun-seeking holidaymakers usually have from gorgeous beaches, exciting tourist attractions, heaps of water sports, delicious food and cultural sites.

From either place, you can easily jump on a boat for an epic day at sea that includes swimming, exploring and soaking up the sun. As we said, both destinations are wonderful. To decide for yourself, you might have to visit both places to decide which is better – Maui or Honolulu.

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More Highlights of Honolulu

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