What Place Are the Blue Jays In

Apr 14 , 2021 · 5 min read

While hockey may be Canada’s most popular sport, there are a few others it shares the spotlight with. Baseball is one of them. Given as Canada is a winter-laden country, it is a welcome reprieve that Baseball is available for when people are not hitting the ice. That said, it was 1993 that a Canadian team last lifted the Stanley cup, which means the fans have been yearning for cup glory since then. To whet their appetite for silverware, the rise of the Toronto Blue Jays, especially to the challenge of the American teams, is a welcome distraction from the disappointment of the NHL.  

Despite not winning any major honours as well, the Blue Jays have certainly won a place in Canadian hearts for sticking it to the American teams. They have also created some great rivalries with other teams, which makes the games very charged, and as we all know, no game is sweeter than those with a great rivalry. For example, in August 2015, the Opening match between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Yankees was the most-watched program on SportsNet until then. It attracted a viewership of 2.03 million, which just goes to show how people love a great derby and a wonderful storyline in sports. 

That said, it is not Canadians alone who have come to love the Blue Jays. In 2020, they snuck into the playoffs, and because of this, Blue Jays away games attracted huge bipartisan support. Now, most people believe that they can be a genuine contender in 2021, but it will be hard to ignore the impact the coronavirus has had on the team.  

Toronto Blue Jays massive Free agent improvements

Toronto Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays are also the team that has invested the most into free agents to a tune of a whopping 186.25 million. Bolstering the squad over any other team in the MLB means that they also have high expectations for the season. Pundits and fans alike also laud these efforts and strongly believe that they can vie for the top honours of the AL East. After winning the trades off-season, it is the on-season battles that fans care for the most, and wherever the team is, there is a huge contingent of traveling and local fans to support it. 

COVID-19 Restrictions in Canada

In 2020 the Blue Jays were forced to find an alternative stadium to play their games in. This is because, on the back of massive quarantines and lockdowns, the Blue Jays were denied a federal government exemption to play their games from their home stadium by the Canadian government. Their woes did not end there because even after a deal to play in Pittsburgh was on the cards, they were denied this opportunity because they had to travel frequently. Eventually, after much wandering, the Sahlen field in Buffalo is now the place are the blue jays in for the time being. Even with that, they still played some of their home games on the road, which meant that some of their TV games were interrupted.

COVID-19 in Canada

In all their travels, club officials express optimism that they will be allowed to resume playing from their stadium. But all that depends on whether they can convince the Canadian government to allow them.

Until then, Canadians will have to watch streams or tv broadcasts of all their matches. Unless, of course, you were in the USA, and it happened to be a game in which spectators are allowed. 

Blue Jays matches

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That said, we live in different times, and even if you travel to see the team, you probably won’t be able to see them play live because fans are not allowed into matches just yet.  In case you are part of the Toronto Blue Jays avid fans who would love to watch some MLB matches, you will sadly have to wait until the final two rounds to catch the matches live.  Even then, it is still not guaranteed because they are currently not playing out of Toronto. The best alternative so far to watching blue jays’ games has been on TV, and if you are on the road, you will probably have to do it from a hotel room.  

Fortunately, it’s easy to watch a Blue Jay’s game from a hotel if you opt for one of the live streams on TV without having to fork out money for a costly cable television package.  Most Toronto Blue Jays game air on Sportsnet One, but the schedules often change depending on the nature of the game, schedule, or national interest. 

How to stream Toronto Blue Jays Games

Since Sportsnet One is a regional sports network, Coverage may be limited for some regions. They are not common on many streaming services, but streaming providers like HULU live, YouTube TV, and AT&T Now host Sportsnet One. You can also use because you will find all out-of-market games for all MLB teams. But there is a catch. If you are within the team’s home region, you may be subject to a broadcast blackout which will necessitate the use of a VPN.

Blue Jays Games

If you don’t want to go through all that trouble, subscribing to SportsNet Now will allow you to see all the Blue Jays activities. You will also see their recent signings, including star outfield player George Springer.

The Sportsnet Now subscription also opens you up to more Blue Jays content like the Blue Jays Central before matches, SN documentaries on Blue Jays and other teams, and other content like MLB Matchups, Spring Training, and other programs that reveal what the team is up to postseason. On top of this, you can watch the entire World Series and get to use the replay function to catch up to any matches you may have missed in the past 24hours.

Sportsnet Now is a sports streaming service available from many devices and platforms. ​On it, you won’t have to worry about where to watch Blue Jays games because, after all, even if you miss them, you can still catch up with replay and watch other sports like NHL, NBA, WWE, Indica, etc.


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