13 Fun Things to Do in Wasaga Beach Canada This Weekend

Feb 6 , 2021 · 5 min read

The town of Wasaga Beach, located at the southern end of Ontario’s Georgian Bay, about two hours north of Toronto, is home to the longest freshwater beach in the world. The hot rays of the summer sun are balanced by the pleasant breeze from the water, resulting in comfortable temperatures even in the hottest months.

This along with a wide range of local attractions, make Wasaga Beach the perfect destination for a relaxing summer escape.

1.Wasaga Beach Provincial Park

 Provincial Park

The #1 tourist attraction in Wasaga Beach is the Wasaga Beach Provincial Park. This park is comprised of eight beaches that together total 14 kilometers of beach area. Each beach area offers a slightly different terrain depending on the dunes and vegetation in that area, giving visitors an opportunity to vary their beach experience from day to day if they wish. Many of the beach areas have playgrounds, boardwalks, and bicycle paths in addition to comfort stations and room for swimming, sunbathing, and picnicking.

A protected wildlife habitat offers visitors the chance to birdwatch and catch sight of the endangered Piping Plover. If you are still looking for something to do, hiking paths (over 15 kilometers in all!), tennis courts, horseshoe pits, and a toboggan hill only scratch the surface of the things to do in Wasaga beach.

2.Nancy Island Historic Site and HMS Nancy

Nancy Island

The most accessible site to the War of 1812 in the area, the Nancy Island Historic Site freezes in time a major event during the war; the HMS Nancy’s battle on August 14, 1814 against American schooners. The battle resulted in the destruction of the Nancy, and over time, the birth of Nancy Island, as silt from the running river collected in the sunken hull of the ruined ship. In 1927, the shipwrecked remains were raised and preserved.

Today, you can visit the island to tour the museum and view artifacts including the hull, cutlery and a 24-pound shot. Historic reenactments, a theater and replica of the Great Lakes Lighthouse make this historic attraction a great way to spend the entire afternoon!

3.Martyr’s Shrine

Martyr’s Shrine in canada

Also known as the Shrine of the Canadian Martyrs, this shrine is one of nine national shrines in Canada. The meticulously manicured grounds are open for visitors to enjoy some quiet time of reflection as they wander through the grottos and statues leading to an observation area providing a picture-perfect view of the Georgian Bay.

Be sure to take the time to gaze through the beautiful stained-glass windows and appreciate the impressive architecture in the church before visiting the gift shop or food counter where your purchases help support the shrine’s mission.

4.Tiny Marsh Provincial Wildlife Area

Tiny Marsh


This marsh is open year-round and offers 8.5 sq km of open water, marsh, bog, and forest along with trails, observation towers, a boardwalk, and marsh viewing mound, making it the perfect place to observe over 250 species of birds in their natural habitat. A nature center offers exhibits and information about the other plant and animal life in the marsh.

With so many attractions and so many things to do in Wasaga beach appealing to a variety of interests, it is no wonder that Wasaga Beach is such a popular destination.

5.Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain in canada


This popular attraction boasts beautiful scenic lookouts, world-class skiing and snowboarding, hiking, biking, and more. Visitors can ride the gondola to the top of the mountain for breathtaking views of Georgian Bay and Collingwood.

6.Scandinave Spa

Scandinave Spa in canada

Scandinave Spa is the perfect place to relax and unwind. With its eucalyptus-scented steam room, outdoor hot baths, Finnish sauna, and relaxing massage services, the Scandinave Spa is a must-visit for any visitor to Wasaga Beach.

7.Wasaga 500 Go Karts

Wasaga 500 Go Karts in canada

Want to let loose and have some fun? Then head to Wasaga 500 Go Karts, where you can zip around on their outdoor track in one of their superfast go-karts! Perfect for both kids and adults alike.

8. Cedar Point Golf & Country Club

Cedar Point Golf

Love golf? Then you’ll love Cedar Point Golf & Country Club! With its 18-hole championship course on beautiful Georgian Bay, this is the perfect place to work on your swing while enjoying stunning waterfront views.

9. The Narrows

The Narrowsin canada

The Narrows is a must-see spot on Wasaga Beach. This towering gorge was created by glaciers during the last ice age and offers breathtaking views of Georgian Bay. Visitors can hike along marked trails to get a closer look at this natural wonder.

10. Sugar Sands Park

Sugar Sands Park in canada

Sugar Sands Park is perfect for visitors who want to enjoy a little slice of paradise. With its picturesque views and crystal-clear waters, Sugar Sands Park feels like a tropical oasis – even though it’s located in Canada!

11. The Blue Heron Coast Trail

The Blue Heron Coast Trail in canada

The Blue Heron Coast Trail is a 22-kilometer trail that winds through wetlands, forests, and dunes. The trail is perfect for hiking, biking, bird watching, and nature photography.

12. Joe Dog’s Surf School

Joe Dog's Surf School in canada

Joe Dog’s Surf School offers lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or someone who’s never been on a surfboard before, Joe Dog’s Surf School will help you make the most of your time at Wasaga beach.

13. Horseback riding

Horseback riding in canada

Horseback riding is a great way to explore Wasaga beach. Several companies offer horseback riding tours along the beachfront to take in the sights and sounds of Wasaga beach from a different perspective.

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