Warmest Places in Canada to Travel to During the Winter

Dec 15 , 2021 · 7 min read

Winter in Canada is going to be cold, and you will need a warm winter jacket, mittens and hat. But since Canada is such a massive country, there are plenty of mild areas compared to other parts of the country that are freezing. So if you feel the cold easily, those mild winter places will be calling your name. We’ve put together a list of warm places in Canada to travel to during the winter. Find those mittens and your suitcase and follow us to some winter wonderlands that are fun, entertaining and scenic.

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Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria is considered as one of the warmest places in Canada

Victoria is considered as one of the warmest places in Canada. Often the temperatures recorded in Victoria, British Columbia, are the warmest in the whole country. So if you are seeking a warmer winter destination in Canada, the capital of British Columbia could be for you. For example, in January, there is an average daily high temperature of 7.6 degrees Celsius (45.7 degrees Fahrenheit), which is not exactly tropical but still quite impressive. 

Vancouver, British Columbia

Another warmest places in Canada during winter is Vancouver, British Columbia.

Another warmest places in Canada during winter is Vancouver, British Columbia. It rarely snows and there are often sunny days, so if you are in the sun, it is even warmer. It rains a lot, too, so pack your raincoat and umbrellas to stay dry while wandering around this beautiful city that is famous for its scenic seawall, lively arts scene, and natural surroundings even though it’s a metropolis.

Sunshine Coast, British Columbia

Sunshine Coast, British Columbia in canada

The name Sunshine Coast gives you the warm and cozy feel, so it makes sense that Sunshine Coast in British Columbia would make our list of warmest places in Canada to visit during winter. This British Columbia destination has a lot more to offer than just its mild winters. There is good shopping, excellent restaurants and pretty surroundings to enjoy. 

The ferry ride to the Sunshine Coast adds an extra element of excitement to the trip. Rain is more likely than snow, so pack for the weather conditions and add in good walking shoes because there are great walking trails and waterfalls as well as the beach. Sunshine Coast is the perfect place for an essential dose of Vitamin D during winter.

White Rock, British Columbia

White Rock, British Columbia in canada

Just an hour south of Vancouver, White Rock is a popular place with a scenic pier and a pretty promenade for brisk wintery strolls. You can also find cozy waterfront restaurants serving up hearty winter meals like classic seafood chowder and spicy homemade curries. Charlie Don’t Surf is a restaurant with a heated patio and great food and several other eateries in White Rock have turned their patios into cozy havens for dinners too. 

There are lots of other winter activities to discover in White Rock, including visiting the white rock that the town is named after. It can get chilly sitting on a rock, but it will only take a moment to get that iconic photograph for Instagram, and you can get back to your snug hotel or the nearest pub for some mulled wine.

St John's, Newfoundland

St John's, Newfoundland in canada

St John’s in Newfoundland takes the prize for being one of the windiest, foggiest and cloudiest cities in all of Canada. But it’s nowhere near the coldest. So it makes our list of warmest places in Canada to travel to in winter. 

It can snow but doesn’t get too cold. So enjoy the snow if it falls while you are visiting St John’s because it will melt away quickly. Plan a shopping spree followed by a luxury spa treatment before dinner at a hip downtown restaurant for the perfect winter day in St John’s.

Kelowna, British Columbia

Kelowna, British Columbia in canada

The weather in Kelowna is not too harsh during the winter and the recorded rainfall is also low compared to other provinces. What would a vacation in Kelowna during winter look like? 

Imagine checking into a luxury hotel with a jacuzzi, going for a day of skiing at a nearby ski resort, spending time in the spa, hiking through forests and park winter-style and dining at restaurants that know how to serve up wintery comfort food. Doesn’t it sound enticing? If you are spending time in British Columbia this winter and love places with souls and good vibes, you don’t want to miss Kelowna in BC.

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Courtenay, British Columbia

Courtenay, British Columbia in canada

This charming little city on Vancouver Island is the perfect place to go this winter. You probably haven’t been there and maybe haven’t heard of it, so we are here to tell you it’s a beauty of a place to hang out. The average daily temperature in January is 6.4 degrees Celsius (43.5 degrees Fahrenheit)and you can expect average daily lows of 1.4 degrees Celsius (34.5 degrees Fahrenheit). 

Take a fossil discovery tour at the Courtenay Museum and Paleontology Centre, look for bargains in antique shops, sip lattes in trendy coffee shops and relax in this BC paradise. The city also hosts winter farmer’s markets and has some golf courses open all year round.

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Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax, Nova Scotia in canada

Halifax in Nova Scotia will give you a warm welcome if you are East Coast bound during winter. The capital city of Nova Scotia has mild winters that make winter quite pleasurable. It does snow often so you might like to go sledding or ice skating between shows, shopping and partying at cozy bars and nightclubs.

At Saint Mary’s University planetarium, you can go stargazing which is a romantic nighttime activity and the ferry ride to Dartmouth at night with the evening lights glowing is also a nice ride. In Halifax, snow usually falls for 44 days over the whole year.

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto, Ontario in canada

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Toronto in winter is cold and snowy, so pack all your winter woollies. But know it is one of the cities in Canada that reports the least number of frosts each year, making it a lot milder than other major Canadian destinations. By night Toronto looks glorious in winter as the lights illuminate the urban landscape. There’s always heaps to see and do in Toronto, which sees an average daily high of -1.5 degrees Celsius (29.3 degrees Fahrenheit) in January. 

The city has endless museums, art galleries, shopping malls and sports venues which are all indoors so you can beat the chill. Hotels with saunas, jacuzzis, and heated swimming pools are luxuriously warm and welcoming during the winter and Toronto spoils travellers with so many choices. 

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Kamloops, British Columbia

Kamloops, British Columbia in canada

The Weather Man is often telling the people of Kamloops news of good weather in winter. In winter, the climate is much warmer than in other provinces, especially in the valley, which is protected by mountains. Kamloops is well-known for those winter sports Canadians love, like snowboarding, ice skating, skiing and snowshoeing. 

After being active in the great outdoors all day long, there are plenty of heart-warming cafes, bars and restaurants to quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger. If you prefer to stay indoors but want to be active, there is an indoor rocking climbing gym and a fun escape room. 

Sooke, British Columbia

Sooke, British Columbia in canada

Welcome to Sooke, where the locals are friendly and the weather is surprisingly nice in the winter months. The tiny town of Sooke is on the west coast of Vancouver Island. There you can find plenty of restaurants, hotels and activities to keep busy in winter. You can expect an average daily high of 7 degrees Celsius (44.6 degrees Fahrenheit) in January. 

With excellent hiking trails and a nice beach, you can connect to nature and feel the best of winter as your get some exercise in the fresh country air. You are only about 45 minutes from the capital of Victoria so you could make it a day trip when you need a break from the city. When it comes to warm places in Canada, Sooke is worth a look.

Who knew there were so many warmest places in Canada to visit during winter? You can see most of these places are in British Columbia. There is plenty of snowfall in BC, but it doesn’t get as cold as in other provinces. You can still experience those iconic winter activities like ice skating, skiing and drinking hot chocolate in front of a fireplace without feeling cold every moment of the day.

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