Top 15 Tips For Traveling To Mexico

Jan 30 , 2022 · 7 min read

Looking for travelling to Mexico tips?

Mexico is a colourful, vibrant country full of history, culture, nature and some of the best beaches in the world. You might be swimming in the cenotes in Tulum, roaming the Mayan ruins in Quintana Roo, or relaxing at a luxury resort in Cancun. Whatever your travel style is, if you are travelling to Mexico, you might need some travel tips, especially if it’s your first time visiting.

We’ve put together a list of 15 travel tips to help you stay safe while having the best time ever. Book your flights, pack your bag and don’t forget to read this article before you head to the airport. 

15. Do Your Research

Travel planning

Before you visit any new place, it is wise to do some research. While winging it can be fun for some trips, Mexico is a big place with many sights to see, so you don’t want to miss out on seeing somewhere like Chichen Itza because you didn’t make time to do your homework. As well as our Trip Support blog, you can find lots of info on travel blogs, Instagram, Mexico’s tourism website, and magazines. Mexico is well-written about, so it’s easy to find information. You can also find more travel to Mexico tips on those sites.

14. Know The Currency 

Before you start shopping with your pocket full of the peso, take time to get familiar with the currency. If the conversion rate is confusing to you, carry a note in your wallet to remind you how much 500 Mexican pesos are in Canadian dollars. It could save you from paying too much, tipping too big, or even getting ripped off.

13. Keep Your FMM Safe

Keep Your FMM Safe

When you land in sunny Mexico, you will complete a formal migratoria múltiple (FMM), which is a tourist permit for your visit. You must keep it after showing it to customs along with your passport because you will need to show it again on your way home. You can’t board the plane without it. 

12. Always Respect The Locals

When you are far from home, you will notice the locals do many things differently from back home. It is part of the beauty of travel. But sometimes, those differences can be frustrating. When you realize you are in a situation where the cultural difference is annoying you, try to let it go. Be respectful of local customs, rules and ways of life. If you can’t get service because the shop owner is having his siesta, don’t rage.

Learning some Spanish is another way you can respect the locals. On the plane trip to Mexico, you could easily learn some useful Spanish phrases. It may help you get around and the locals who always appreciate it when visitors make an effort to learn some of their languages. 

11. Shop Off The Main Streets

_Shop Off The Main Streets

Mexico is a great place to snag a bargain and you can haggle on prices. To get the best prices to avoid the very touristy areas and dive into the markets off the main roads. Those shops often get less traffic so they are willing to drop prices more and may have fewer overheads and can afford to give better prices. You can also find some unique items when you take a deep dive into the shopping areas that are mainly frequented by locals. 

10. Don’t Drink The Water

It is not always safe to drink tap water, so it’s best to avoid it. Buy bottled water and avoid uncooked food like salads that may have been washed with tap water. Also, use bottled water when brushing your teeth and if you are travelling with children, encourage them not to swallow water when showering and swimming. 

9. Don’t Swim Alone

Don't Swim Alone

Speaking of swimming, when you dive into those crystal-blue waters, make sure you have company. Always swim with someone else or have someone onshore keeping an eye on you. Many resort areas like Cancun and Cozumel have lifeguards on duty, but if you are exploring off-the-beaten-track beaches, make sure you don’t swim alone. 

8. Rent A Car

Hiring wheels to drive around Mexico is a wonderful way to get around. With the freedom to stop wherever you please and keep your schedule, you will be having the time of your life as you cruise the Yucatán Peninsula. It is also very affordable. If self-driving isn’t your thing, try to find a local driver you can use every time you need one. Having the same driver can be more convenient and safer than using a different one for every excursion.

7. Try New Flavors

Mexican Shredded Beef

One of our best travelling to Mexico tips is about food. There’s no point in going all the way to Mexico to eat hamburgers. So explore the traditional restaurants and go beyond the standard tacos and burritos. You might find a new favourite food when you taste the delicious Pozole de Pollo o Guajolote (Chicken or Wild Turkey Stew) or Machaca (Shredded Dried Beef). When it comes to drinks, there is far more to Mexico than tequila. Try horchata, a creamy beverage with white rice, almonds, sugar and cinnamon. Add a dash of rum for an alcohol version. This is just one example of the many Mexican drinks that await you at the bar.

6. Stay Safe

There are many ways to be street smart when travelling, and it’s worth remembering them all when you are exploring Mexico. Carry your bag over your shoulder in a way it’s not easily grabbed, try to be with a travel companion when you are out, don’t wander around at night in areas you don’t know well, especially if you’ve been drinking and don’t accept invitations from strangers such as car rides. Common sense is your best friend when you are on vacation. If you ever feel like someone is following you, trust your instincts and find a safe place to be.

5. Pack Light

traveler shopping

Being in a hot climate, you don’t need to pack too many clothes for your trip although a jacket for travelling and evenings is advisable. The shopping is excellent so you can always buy some more t-shirts and swimsuits when you arrive. You will also need plenty of room for souvenirs that you buy for yourself and friends and family back home.

4. Carry Documents You Need

Make a copy of important documents like your ID and passport and leave the originals in the safe at your hotel. Some travellers like to print a copy, while others carry a digital copy on their phones. You might even want to do both. Always carry a business card with your accommodation information so if you get lost, you have a way to get back.

3. Have Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is always recommended. You probably won’t need it, but the peace of mind is priceless. Plus, if you do need to make a claim, it could be a lifesaver. Medical bills overseas can be especially costly. You should even have travel insurance if you are going for a short weekend getaway.

2. Don’t Flush Your Toilet Paper

Put your toilet paper in the rubbish bin rather than flush it down the toilet. The pipes in many places are not as sturdy or wide as at home and can get clogged easily. While it might seem weird at first, it is the local way. You will probably see signs at many places as a reminder.

1. Give Back To The Community

_Give Back To The Community

Our final travelling to Mexico tips is full of kindness. There are so many ways to give back to the locals when you travel that we’ve made a list of ideas. All of these gestures enrich your travel experience and often connect you with the Mexican people in a way you wouldn’t have otherwise been blessed with. 

That concludes our top 15 tips for travelling to the popular country of Mexico. We hope you found these You can find more travelling to Mexico tips useful.

Many of these handy hints could be used for other countries you might be jetting off to. We wish you a safe and exciting trip filled with epic travel moments that we hope to see on Instagram.

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