Six Aruba Palm Beach Restaurants On The Water

Apr 25 , 2022 · 8 min read

You don’t need to be a foodie to appreciate the fresh flavors of the Caribbean. If you are in Aruba, you will be sure to hear about the great restaurants along Palm Beach.

Outstanding food, service and views that will take your breath away are all waiting and with plenty to choose from, you might be back there every night.

similar to the best restaurants near Ritz Carlton, Many of the restaurants specialize in seafood that was likely caught that very day. If fresh seafood platters with lobster, fish and calamari don’t pique your appetite, most also offer other meat or vegetarian dishes.

Here are six Aruba Palm Beach restaurants on the water that we highly recommend if you appreciate great food in beautiful places. 

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Pureocean Beachside Dining

Six Palm Beach in aruba

Starting at the top of Palm Beach, this Aruba Palm Beach restaurant has the most chilled-out atmosphere of Pureocean Beachside Dining to enjoy your fresh mussels and seared scallops. The rack of lamb and steaks are excellent too.

Of course, you need to add some sparkling wine to your special dinner. At nighttime, this location looks especially gorgeous from the time the sun starts going down when the soft evening lighting is turned on.

It’s also a popular wedding venue, so you might see the happiest couple in the world celebrating a new chapter of life with friends and family while you are there.

Executive sous chef Gilbert Flemming leads the talented team cooking up a storm in the kitchen and is very passionate about all things food and drink.

The bar staff are experts when it comes to whipping up unique cocktails that will delight your taste buds. Say cheers and order your favorite drink or let the happy bartender recommend something special for you.

Part of the Divi Resorts group, Pureocean has branches all over the Caribbean so you might be able to replicate this fine dining experience in Barbados or Bonaire.

Pureocean is open in Aruba on Monday, Friday and Sunday from 5:30–9 pm. You will have a memorable time at this Palm Beach Aruba restaurant that gets rave reviews online.

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Atardi in Aruba

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Are you searching for a perfect Aruba Palm Beach restaurant with amazing views? When it comes to Palm Beach Aruba restaurants worth trying, Atardi makes our list.

Atardi could be the answer. It’s romantic, beautiful and of course, the food is spectacular. Set within the popular Aruba Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino, tables are set up on the sand for a true beach dining experience.

If you know the Marriott brand, you probably realize they do all things with the utmost care to detail and aim for perfection. In the restaurant, they achieve this with dishes that are memorable, unique and flavorsome.

 The menu is heavy on seafood dishes that are all presented with a high level of artistic flair.

Complex executive sous chef Ever de Pena is on duty most days and is as welcoming and hospitable as the rest of the staff, from the chefs to the bar staff to the waiters who always do their best to exceed expectations. 

Atardi is open every day from 6 pm to 10 pm. Make a reservation and be ensured of a wonderful night out in Aruba. Ask for a table nearest the ocean so you can hear the soft music of the waves rocking in as you dine.

 They also have live music to enjoy every night of the week. If you enjoy your time at Atardi you might like to try one of the Marriott’s other restaurants.

You can choose from a range of cuisines, including French, Dutch, Aruban, American, Mexican, Caribbean and Italian. Seafood, vegan and gluten-free options can be found too. 

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Hadicurari Restaurant

Hadicurari Restaurant in Aruba

In the middle of Palm Beach by Hadicurari Pier sits the popular Hadicurari Restaurant. You can dine with your toes in the sand or indoors if you prefer.

They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and have a vegan menu along with all the seafood dishes you could wish for.

It gets busy at this and many of the other Palm Beach Aruba restaurants, so a reservation is recommended.

Azzurro Ristorante Italiano

Azzurro Ristorante Italiano in Aruba

Sometimes when you are visiting a foreign country, you get a craving for food from another country or even home. When you are in the mood for some great Italian, book a table at Azzurro Ristorante Italiano.

The linguine lobster and gnocchi sorrenttina are amazing and if you have a sweet tooth, save room for dessert. The Italian lemon meringue cake and gelato are delicious.

It is great for a romantic night or special night when you arrive or maybe the last night of your vacation before heading home. Azzurro Ristorante Italiano is family owned.


Nosclubhuis in Aruba

This is a restaurant with a nice vibe starting from noon and going till late. You see the friendly fisherman arrive with their daily catch as you sip your first frozen Pina colada.

It is an authentic sight to see the catch of the day arrive and knowing the just-caught fish could be on your plate before you finish another cocktail.

Nos Clubhuis translates to clubhouse in Dutch. The menu features authentic Aruban cuisine with daily specials and happy hour at noon and sunset. Listen to live music, watch the boats sail by and try dishes like coconut shrimp, ceviche and whole red snapper.

The decor is rustic and charming, so don’t forget your camera to take some photos for your Instagram feed. Look out for Nosclubhuis near the Hadicurari Pier.

It’s one great Aruba Palm Beach restaurant worth checking out and lots of tourists go back for a second or third meal during their vacation time. 

MooMba Beach Bar and Restaurant

MooMba Beach Bar and Restaurant Aruba

We love this lovely Aruba Palm Beach restaurant for its tasty international dishes, sweet desserts and Caribbean cool cocktails, all served up at this cool oceanfront location with two bars.

There is live music, with bands or DJs and dancing at night and funky lighting to get you in the mood for a party. For breakfast and lunch or afternoon cocktails, MooMba Beach Bar and Restaurant is a great place to hang out.

It is often packed with locals and tourists who love going back there for their favorite dishes and drinks. Try the seafood chowder, blue cheese delish, breaded shrimp and honey BBQ ribs.

The whole menu is delicious and many groups just order a bunch of dishes to share so they can get a taste of everyone. It’s a great idea because the food in the Caribbean is one of the many blissful experiences.

Arrive at 6 pm for happy hour to start the night off right.

The Palm Beach Aruba restaurants will exceed all your expectations in terms of customer service, atmosphere, views and standard of food and drink.

We recommend you arrive around sunset to enjoy the softest light of the day. In Aruba, the sunset sets around 6:50 pm. That is the time it hits the horizon and disappears a few minutes later and it gets dark.

So the true time to enjoy the sunset is from about 6 pm onwards as the sun slowly moves lower in the sky. We love to make the most of the Caribbean sunsets because they are so stunning.

After dinner at MooMba, why not take a stroll along the beach. With all the restaurants and resorts in the area, it is well-lit and what better way to walk off the meal so you are ready to hit the sack when you get back to your luxury resort?

Unless you are planning to go drinking and dancing. In that case, there are plenty of bars, lounges and nightclubs around Palm Beach. If you are into music, the Sopranos Piano Bar is really impressive.

Put your song requests in, sing along and have a great night! Enjoy the Palm Beach Aruba restaurants you discover on your tropical vacation in Aruba!

After enjoying the delectable culinary offerings of Aruba’s Palm Beach, why not explore the island’s breathtaking natural attractions? Aruba is renowned for its pristine beaches and vibrant marine life, making it a paradise for snorkeling enthusiasts. Among the plethora of attractions, don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover the best snorkeling beaches in Aruba. With crystal-clear waters teeming with colorful marine species, these beaches offer an unforgettable underwater adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned snorkeler or a beginner, Aruba’s vibrant reefs and tranquil coves promise an immersive experience in the mesmerizing world beneath the waves.

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