7 Awesome Things To Do In George Town Cayman Islands

Oct 12 , 2022 · 8 min read
George Town Cayman Islands

For many travelers, the first introduction they have to George Town in the Cayman Islands is during a Caribbean cruise stop. If it’s a port of call stop during your cruise, you want to find the energy to explore. Or maybe you are staying for some days or weeks in the Cayman Islands and have a little more time to discover how wonderful George Town is. Whether you have a short or long time to enjoy this photogenic Caribbean town, we have the lowdown on what you can see and do.

Here are seven totally awesome things to do in George Town in the Cayman Islands.

Wander the waterfront

Trip to George town, Cayman Islands

You will be charmed by the sight of the colorful wooden buildings along the waterfront. These brightly painted shops and tourist attractions attract visitors with their vibrant appearance and what is inside. Duty-free shops, restaurants and cafes, art galleries, and museums are some of what you can expect to find. Don’t miss the Cayman National Museum, home to an impressive collection of local art. Staff will play a film telling the island’s history and heritage, and you can see parts of an old jail that still have prisoners’ graffiti messages on the walls. 

Visit Cayman Spirits Co. Distillery

Caribbean sea

We all know the Caribbean is famous for its rum, so a tour of a distillery is a cultural experience that comes with an excuse to sample some tasty favors. At the Cayman Spirits Co Distillery, they make rum and other handcrafted spirits steeped in tradition. Take a 45-minute tasting tour and learn about the company’s spirit-making process and history. See the original Christian Carl pot still used today while making the Seven Fathoms Rum. You will see freshly made Seven Fathoms Rum, Gun Bay Vodka, and Governor’s Reserve Rum inside the tasting room. Then you can try the distiller’s unique that will tempt you to buy a bottle at the gift shop.

Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Another thing to do in George Town Cayman Islands is a guided cruise tour of the Cayman Islands

Another thing to do in George Town Cayman Islands is a guided cruise tour of the Cayman Islands. It is a beautiful way to see George Town from the water. Snorkeling is optional, but why wouldn’t you want to dive into the cool water to swim around with colorful tropical fish? You can also get a great view of the underwater sea life from the glass-bottomed boat that goes past Cheeseburger Reef. A local guide tells you about the different fish species and other sea creatures in the coral reefs. The cruise also takes in the famous Seven Mile Beach and the wreck of the Cali. The 220-foot-long vessel has been surrounded by fish and visitors who have loved diving and snorkeling for many years. Some trips include seeing Balboa, another wreckage on the ocean floor. Finally, your glass bottom boat returns to George Town so you can disembark with so many stories to tell.

Shop At The Farmers' Market

farmers market

Roaming around a farmers market in a new location is a festival for the soul, especially if you love food, crafts, and souvenirs which is why this makes it to our things to do in George Town Cayman Islands.

George Town Walking Tour

walking tour

Getting to know a new place is always fun, and there is no better way than a walking tour to get your bearings. Here is a quick guide to follow by foot, starting at the National Museum. You can spend as long as you like at each place or make a note to return on another day. Follow the waterfront path until you reach the stingray fountain in front of Bayshore Mall. Inside the mall, ask for directions to the oldest structure in Cayman. All the locals know where this interesting landmark dating back to the 1700s can be found. Next, you can see the craft market further along the waterfront. Continue to find the Heroes Square Walk and Wall of Honour. There is also a clock tower dedicated to King George V. Fort George is your next stop on Fort Street, complete with canons and murals depicting important moments in history. The fish market is the last stop on our walking tour as you continue along the waterfront. By now, you will start feeling hungry after all the walking and fresh air.

Spa Time

Spa Time In George Town Cayman Islands

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Vacations are made for relaxing, and what better place than a luxury George Town spa? Many tempt your tired muscles and probably need a massage after hours of sightseeing. If the weather day looks gloomy, a spa day is perfect, or it can be a nice treat before your flight home. The 

Royal Thai Beauty and Spa Cayman is renowned for excellence and has a spa menu that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The staff is professional and caring, making it easy to slip into a blissful few hours of spa heaven. If you want to take your spa time more seriously, you might book some nights at a spa resort. These resorts have spa-like decor, extensive spa and wellness menus, and restaurant menus geared towards being healthy.

The spa is one thing that is a must things to do in George Town Cayman Islands.

Dining in George Town

Eating well is guaranteed when you are in George Town.

Eating well is guaranteed when you are in George Town. While the entire Cayman Islands are a delicious treat, George Town has an impressive collection of standout restaurants to try. The hotels, resorts and stand-alone restaurants are fantastic, with many being so popular you need to remember to make a reservation. Also, check where the locals are hanging out at mealtimes as it’s a great indicator of where the best food can be found.

Rackam’s Waterfront Bar and Grill is a waterfront wonder with a laid-back vibe that you feel as soon as your first cocktail is ordered. The restaurant is popular among locals which is the reason it makes it to our list of things to do in George Town Cayman Islands.

 If you stay in George Town, don’t miss this amazing gem. 

The Brasserie focuses on serving farm-to-table dishes or, as the staff like to say, sea-to-fork dishes. It’s all fresh, delicious, and high-quality creations by the chef and his team dedicated to making every visit to rave about. Fruity artwork on the wall, warm lighting, and ratan furniture make your dining experience even more memorable and the prices are reasonable.

Hit The Wharf Grand Cayman when you are famished. That big appetite will be needed when your meal arrives, including a glass of wine from the restaurant’s extensive wine list. Executive Chef Christian Reiter leads a team of experienced chefs and staff with access to the freshest local ingredients from the land and sea. Suppose you fancy some Australian Certified Black Angus Beef. In that case, this is the place to be and they also feature lobster, Cayman turtle steak and many other delicious temptations on the lunch and dinner menus. With plenty of wide-open space and stunning water views, the venue is impressive and it’s no surprise there are often events like parties and weddings.

You will never get bored when it comes to things to do in George Town. There is so much to see and do even in the low season. Plan your days carefully, with some dedicated to sightseeing and others just for relaxing at your luxury hotel or resort. As always, spend some time chatting to the locals in George Town. Many have spent their entire lifetimes there and have stories about the past, present and future.

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