Things to Do in Saint Barthelemy: Hidden Paradise

Oct 3 , 2022 · 8 min read

You can expect a warm welcome to Saint Barthélemy, and we are not just discussing the weather. The hospitality and friendliness of the locals are extended to every visitor, as you will discover when you are out exploring this lovely French-speaking Caribbean island.

So, if you want to know the things to do in Saint Barthelemy, keep on reading.

Hidden Paradise

Also known as St Barts, Saint Barthelemy is a popular destination famous for its beautiful weather and glorious white sand beaches. But this sunny Caribbean island is much more than its beaches. There is so much to see, so to give you an idea of what you might experience, here are ten things to do in Saint Barthélemy. Many of these activities could be a highlight of your vacation and can do done alone or shared with your family or friends you are traveling with.

See Gustavia

See Gustavia in Saint Barthelemy

In the capital of Gustavia, luxury vessels are moored in the harbor, lined with fancy restaurants and shops. Visit historical sites like the Wall House, 17th-century Fort Karl, and Les Petits Saints for your fix of history. You can explore by yourself or book a tour for a more in-depth explanation of each vital landmark. With a defined European influence reflected in the cuisine, buildings, and tourist areas, some dub Saint Barthélemy a tropical equivalent of France, so don’t forget your camera.

Celebrity Spotting

Celebrity Spotting inSaint Barthelemy: Welcome to Hidden

The rich and famous are frequent visitors to St Bart’s, so don’t be surprised if you see an A-list celebrity, movie actress, or rock star. Even royalty has been seen flitting around the luxurious shores of Saint Barthelemy, so you never know who you might see.

Areas where boat moor is also suitable for spotting celebs as they love their luxury boats, and there is only one way off: walking along the pier. 

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in Saint Barthelemy

The underwater world in Saint Barthelemy is well-known to keen divers who go for the clear visibility, shipwrecks, and abundance of sea life. Kayali, a sunken trawler laid on the bottom of the ocean since 1994, is a popular dive site that you might have read about in travel magazines. Many companies offer diving trips if you want to see the colorful reefs teeming with fish and other sea creatures.

Church of Our Lady of the Assumption

Church of Our Lady of the Assumption Saint Barthelemy

The Catholic Church of Gustavia dates back to the 19th century. The Spanish-influenced architecture includes an arched entrance, religious statues, and a marble floor. Opposite the church is a funeral chapel dedicated to Sister Armelle, who passed away in the mid-1940s. There is also a dome for the Sacred Heart, remembering the St Barts sailors.

Gustavia Lighthouse

Gustavia Lighthouse in Saint Barthelemy

You can witness incredible views from the scenic and still operational Gustavia Lighthouse on the site of Fort Gustav. Take photos of the red and white lighthouse and wander around the fort ruins with cannons built into brick walls.

Take A Boat Trip

Take A Boat Trip inSaint Barthelemy

The ultimate boat trip is a must to do thing is Saint Barthelemy. It is a private charter, so you can have the freedom to go island hopping, swimming, and snorkeling and sail wherever you wish at your leisure. You can find motorboats, catamarans, and luxury yachts for hire with a crew to take care of your needs. Your captain will know all the best coves and beaches that are only accessible by boat.

Spa Time

Spa Time in Saint Barthelemy

Vacation time means spa time and is a must and one of the top things to do in Saint Barthélemy. Here you are spoilt for choices. While your resort probably has its spa, many other hotels allow outside guests to book spa treatments. The exclusive resorts sometimes prioritize in-house guests, but there is always the possibility of booking last minute if there is a schedule gap. If you think a resort spa looks dreamy, just call them and ask. 

A rainy or stormy day can be an excellent time to pop into a luxury spa, but you don’t need an excuse to pamper yourself in a Caribbean spa. We know Sense at Rosewood at St. Barth spa is fantastic.

Go Hiking

Go Hiking in Saint Barthelemy

Saint Barthelemy is so beautiful, so hiking can be a soul-inspiring experience if you go early in the morning or late afternoon to beat the heat.

Hiking to the natural pools of Grand Fond is a lovely experience, especially when you reach the crystal-clear water where you are allowed to swim. Another awesome hike is to Colombier beach, which can only be accessed by foot or boat. There are two hiking trails to choose from, which might include turtle and goat sightings along the way. It gets hot so take your swimsuit to cool off before heading back. 

Dine In Style

Dine In Style in Saint Barthelemy

Any good vacation is accented by great food and drink, and you probably have heard about the wonderful flavors of the Caribbean. There are plenty of dining options with beachfront restaurants, cool cafes and bars and fine dining for starters. This little island has nearly 100 eateries to choose from so let’s dig in. 

Chef Joël Robuchon has created fabulous menus for lunch, dinner, finger food, cocktails and specials of the day. Farmhouse poultry Galantine with foie gras and black truffle is an indulgence you won’t get to try anywhere else. The Langoustine and truffle ravioli is also a vacation-worthy treat for the tastebuds. Be sure to reserve this popular dining spot overlooking the water.

You can’t look past the Sunday brunch at Nikki Beach for that laid-back lunch at the beach. The music will be pumping as you arrive, and you will witness fresh seafood sizzling on the grill. Expect classy cocktails, tasty sushi and dancing for this weekly celebration of life at the beach. Reservations are recommended for this vibrant venue that never seems to have a quiet day.

The Beach Life

The Beach Life in Saint Barthelemy

Locals are always one of the best sources of info and will rarely send you in the wrong direction. Only the locals know about many well-known beaches and hidden gems. We have to mention time at the beach in St Barts because that is probably what attracted you to this beautiful paradise in the first place. Locals will tell you to visit Shell Beach, which has pristine white sand, local bars and restaurants and epic sunsets. At Shell Beach and many other excellent beaches, you can go snorkeling, swimming, water sports, or just relax with a good book as you soak up the sun. Ask your taxi driver or front desk staff which beaches they like to hang out on during their days off.

By now, you might be wondering if one week is enough in St Barths. With so much to see and do, you can always extend your vacation or plan to return next year. It’s no wonder so many people say Saint Barthélemy is one of their favorite vacation destinations. If you plan to visit, these things to do in Saint Barthelemy will make your trip even more fun.

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