Best Beaches in Ontario

Apr 2 , 2021 · 5 min read

When you think about a beach vacation, Ontario, Canada may not be the first place that comes to mind, however, this region has a vast waterfront landscape with incredible views. The water is all freshwater of the great lake region, and the ideal time for swimming in summer, although this area is beautiful year-round. The diversity in this region is delightful to experience. Some areas mimic the coastal regions of the Caribbean, and some are rocky cliffs with deep forests to explore. Here are the top-rated beaches in the Ontario region to check out. 

Sandbanks Dunes Beach  in ontario

Sandbanks Dunes Beach 

Sandbanks Dunes Beach is located in Sandbanks Dunes Provincial Park and is known for being rated as one of the best beaches in Canada. There are three beach areas, beautiful sand dunes, and striking scenery overlooking West Lake, which is an inner coastal lake next to Lake Ontario.

 Outlet Beach is widely known as the best for families with children because it has shallow waters. There are great options for lodging in the area from hotels to quaint cottages. The Prince Edward County area is popular for tourism boasting a great wine scene, bike tours, food, and antiques. In the summer months, there is even camping in the Sandbanks Provincial Park.

Sauble Beach in Ontario

Sauble Beach

Sauble Beach is located on the Southwest side right before the Bruce Peninsula. Sauble Beach touches Lake Huron and is a popular summer destination.

There are shops and restaurants nearby. The area is surrounded by enchanting forest areas with great hiking and bird watching. Sauble Beach is also near Sauble Falls which is a beautiful cascading waterfall on the Sauble River. This river is popular for canoe trips. This area is a wildlife and outdoors lovers paradise. It is to be notes=d that dogs are not allowed at Sauble Beach.

Wasaga Beach in Ontario

Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach is located off the Nottawasaga Bay in the great Georgian Bay, and is only a 90-minute drive from the bustling city of Toronto. Wasaga Beach Provincial Park is 14km of 8 beach areas all making up Wasaga Beach. It is the longest stretch of freshwater beach in the world.

This area is heavily focused on tourism and is a popular summer destination. There are over 31 miles of hiking trails and in the winter they are popular for cross-country skiing. Located by Wasaga Beach is the Nancy Island Historic Site which has a theatre, museum, and lighthouse.

 Beach 1 is known for attracting young adults with a lively boardwalk area with nightlife, restaurants, and shopping. Beaches 2-4 have trees and shaded areas. Beaches 3-6 feature many seasonal waterfront cottages. There are 2 beaches across the Nottawasaga River that are more residential The Nottawasaga River is popular for canoeing and fishing.

Woodbine Beach in Ontario

Woodbine Beach

Woodbine Beach is where Toronota residents go to enjoy sunbathing, swimming, and beach volleyball. It is 3km of sandy beach located on the shoreline of Lake Ontario in Toronto. It is the largest beach area in the city of Toronto.

There are lifeguards from June until Labor Day, and during these summer months, this beach is packed with people trying to enjoy the hot and humid summer months of Toronto.

Killbear Provincial Park in Ontario

Killbear Provincial Park

Killbear Provincial Park is located on Georgine Bay and has several beach areas inside the park. The water is known for being crystal clear. The shoreline is rocky, and the deep pockets of water are cold, but in the summer this is a great place to hang out.

The park features beautiful scenery and the most photographed tree in Canada is located in the park. The campsites in the park are a short walk from the beach. Two of the beaches even allow pets. From certain lookout points, you can see lighthouses and even the town of Parry Sound.

Agawa Bay in Ontario

Agawa Bay

Agawa Bay is an ambered-colored sandy beach along the northern coast of Lake Superior. It located inside Lake Superior Provincial Park. It has crystal clear waters and is said that the views could be mistaken for that of the Caribbean. 

The lake views of Lake Superior feel like an ocean with islands in eyesight. The water is cold, but in the hot and humid summer, it is refreshing.

Toronto Islands Beaches in Ontario

Toronto Islands Beaches

Toronto Islands are just a 15-minute ferry ride away from the skyscrapers of Toronto. The Toronto Islands have three main beach areas: Hanlan’s Point, Centre Island Beach, and Ward’s Island Beach. 

The islands have beautiful garden areas and feel like you are millions of miles away from the city.

Grand Bend in Ontario

Grand Bend

The Main Beach is filled with activity and South Beach is calmer for those trying to enjoy a book. Grand Bend is located on the shores of Lake Huron, and unlike other beaches in Ontario, the water gets warm in the summer because it is shallow.

Indian Head Cove & The Grotto in Ontario

Indian Head Cove & The Grotto

Indian Head Cove and the Grotto are picturesque areas located in the Bruce Peninsula National Park, which is on the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula near the town of Tobermory. 

This area is not so much a beach, but instead is a beautiful grotto with rocks, underwater caves, and turquoise water. Indian Head Cove does require a hike through the park to get there, but it is well worth the views.

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