Local Farms for your Family
Apr 9 , 2021 · 5 min read

If you have never visited a farm, there is a lot you are missing out on. For those looking for a nice weekend plot, family day out, or just to explore, a farm is guaranteed to leave you with those aha moments. Farms are not all about food but fun things to do and a lot to learn in the process.  If you have visited a local farm market and were intrigued by what you can find or the information you gathered, then just imagine what a proper farm can do for you. That said, some iconic farms have become tourist hotspots. We looked around Canada for some of these iconic farms you have to visit. Here is our list of local farms for your family to visit.

White Meadows Farm

Now in its fourth-generation management, the White Meadows Farm is a year-round maple syrup producer that has become a springtime destination for many who visit the Niagara Falls area.  Agricultural tourism thrived in this area mostly because white meadows farm ran an onsite restaurant—the white meadows farm pancake house. However, it recently closed to pave way for more retail space.  But that wasn’t the only attraction to the farm. If you are interested in knowing the ins and outs of maple syrup production, there is no better farm in Pelham to visit. The current management run by Reichard Bering and his family is very welcoming, and they will show you how the best maple syrup is made.

White Meadows Farm

Some actors in period costumes reenact how maple syrup was produced historically, and this will always beat any classroom or presentation. Even better is that you get to tour the maple tree forest on a wagon, after which you have the freedom to hit the trails and discover the forest by yourself. You will see plenty of traditional and modern maple production techniques and get to buy maple syrup straight from the White Meadows Farm Shop.

Peak season occurs between February and April, during which you will find maple syrup in plenty. Nevertheless, the farm is open for touring contingents even until thanksgiving weekend. Visits in summer are also popular so if you find yourself around Effingham street during summer, make a point of visiting the farm.

Downey’s apple farm

In the greater Toronto area, Downey’s Strawberry and Apple Farm, commonly known as Downey’s Apple Farm, has become a cult destination during apple picking season. Downey’s farm apple picking is the highlight of many families during the season, and you will have a lot of your questions about apple harvesting answered. There are plenty of varieties to see and taste, and you can even buy the farm’s produce at Downey’s farm market. The bumper season begins at the end of August, but the harvest is available until the end of October.

Downey’s apple farm

That said, Downey’s Apple Farm offers more than simple apple picking. Besides being an activity the whole family can get engaged in, it is set in idyllic countryside with quaint villages that make the whole place an escape from the city lifestyle. With strawberry picking, raspberry picking, and apple picking on the menu, it can be a nice tradition to have as a family each year. Strawberry season starts in mid-June, raspberry picking starts in early July, and apple picking in August.

Since the fruit from the farm stays longer in the fridge, you can pick your fruits and enjoy their freshness straight from the farm. If any varieties are restricted from picking, you can find them already picked for you at the nearby Downey’s Farm Market. They are all open for field trips, birthday parties, company events, and even seasonal festivals like the annual Easter fest.

Riverdale Farm

If you live within Toronto and want a taste of farm life within the city, then look no further. Riverdale Farm will fulfill all your farming fantasies with its fine gardens, collection of animals, amazing views of Don Valley, and intoxicating farm smell all around.  It is an eclectic working farm located right in the heart of the city. There are cows, turkeys, pigs, and ducks to see, but since it isn’t a petting farm, getting your hands dirty with the farm’s activities is the best way to enjoy it.  Nothing is hidden from you, and you can get engrossed in activities like horse grooming, goat milking, cow milking, collecting eggs, and feeding animals just like you would if you were working on the farm.  The whole farm is fun-filled and educational and makes an excellent place for a family visit.

Riverdale Farm

Riverdale Farm is iconic in Toronto’s Cabbage town Neighborhood because it used to be a zoo before the farm was established in 1978. Even now, there are ruins of the old Zoo within the farm grounds. It is the slice of farm life in the city that you have been missing and if you are within the area, visit to experience farm life first hand.

Chudleigh’s Farm

Since it opened in 1967, Chudleigh’s Farm has always been the place for families to visit, pick their apples and enjoy a taste of country life—even if for a few hours. If your family is looking for a fall adventure spot, Chudleigh’s farm has something for every age. Toddlers, school-age kids, high schoolers, and even mature people will find plenty to enjoy from slides, photogenic scenery, and even getting to learn more about apple farming.

Chudleigh’s Farm
There are wagon rides, visits to farm animals, sandpits, pumpkin patches, a hay maze, a nature trail, and tractors. There is a lot to eat because, after all, it’s a farm and no visit to a farm is complete without trying food made from farm-fresh ingredients.

Vergers Hillspring

Vergers Hillspring offers massive opportunities for family entertainment, being the largest orchard in Montérégie. Since schools are not setting up farm tours in the present covid circumstances, this is the type of activity the whole family can engage in. Located just 60 minutes outside Montreal, the farm has everything from historical buildings from as far back as 1850, a huge manicured garden, a bistro, tractor rides, and even inflatables for the little ones to enjoy.

There is apple picking for the whole family on offer, but perhaps the biggest attention is the sugar maple trees and maple syrup production. There are plenty of products to buy from the farm shop, and at the end of the tour, we are confident your family will be asking to visit every year.

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