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Learn How To Skydive With Skydive South Sask

Apr 29 , 2021 · 5 min read

Reading about skydiving is different froSkydiving is fun, be it as a bucket list item, a way to get rid of your fear of heights, or just your regular shot of adrenaline. It is the perfect opportunity to explore a place from a totally different perspective, but it’s the daredevil aspect of jumping out of a perfectly functioning plane that makes the experience even more exhilarating. If you were to jump out of a failing plane, you could easily dismiss it as a do-or-die moment but deliberately taking the risk and putting yourself on the line is quite the thrill. 

m the actual experience by far.  If you are a free spirit, you will not need a second invitation to go skydiving, but that aside even a person who has never tried skydiving has all the reasons to try it.  If you need nudging, there are plenty of reasons to do it, but the ultimate goal is to have fun. That said, here are some reasons to be excited about skydiving.

Skydive South

The feeling of your heart thumping hard against your chest, a million thoughts flashing in your head, sweating palms, and tunnel vision only ever happens once. It is a glorious feeling that is hard to describe to a person who has never experienced such a heightened level of emotions and hormones. The last few moments before your first jump can only be replicated by trying something else crazier the first time; hence it’s worth exploring.  It is one of those go big or go home moments, and once you take that leap of faith and freefall down to the ground, it’s over just as quickly as it started. 

Skydiving Bird Eyes

At one point in life, everyone fantasizes about flying. Taking a swoop down at over 10,000 feet is the closest some will ever get to flying hence it is a chance worth taking. The freefall is the closest thing to being a freefall superhero in flight, and for most people, it brings a sense of invincibility.

A bird’s eye view will always be a birds-eye view for you until you experience it. From high in the air, everything, including what you are used to seeing, acquires a new personality. Skydiving gives you a unique vantage point of your usual environment and presents the chance to take some incredible pictures—both of self and the environment. Imagine taking a picture of your first jump out of a plane—besides the obvious bragging rights, it is the best proof of your crazy, adventurous side.

Skydive South Sask

Above all else, skydiving is a fun activity both as a personal challenge and leisure activity. For some, overcoming the body’s instincts, i.e., the increased heart rate, tunnel vision, and other physiological reactions, are therapeutic. For others is all about the adrenaline, and getting their fix puts them in a better place to face the challenges of daily life.

We know you will consider skydiving after this. Before you take to the skies, let us tell you what option you have if you choose to learn how to skydive with Skydiving South Sask.

The tandem permits inexperienced divers to ride with an experienced instructor while still building confidence and learning the techniques of jumping.  Jumps are not as extreme and mostly happen at 10,500 feet or 7500 feet above the ground. It is a lovely way to introduce yourself to skydiving because it doesn’t require a lot of preparation and also gives the experience of what an actual dive would be like.  You only learn skydiving by actually diving, and for a tandem jump, all you need is a safety briefing, filling out some paperwork to get started. 

Tandem Jump

In a tandem jump, you will be tied to the tandem instructor and wear a bigger than usual parachute meant to carry two people. In such a jump, you will learn everything there is to know about the equipment, deploying it, and how to execute proper jumps, landings, and other safety procedures. It is incredibly safe because it starts with you being tied securely to the instructor, who also carries a reserve tandem parachute for additional security. The instructor can allow you to control things—only as much as you are comfortable with, and after this, you will be ready to take your first solo jump.

After you have built enough confidence and learned the techniques, the solo jump follows. It will be your first foray into flying, and the instructors will only allow you to participate after you show you understand the equipment, techniques, and safety procedures of skydiving. The first solo jump is usually the most intense and rigorously administered. But once everything starts to become natural, the instructor will afford you more freedom to take higher jumps at more entertaining locations.

Solo Jump

 Training for solo flights happens at relatively low altitudes—up to 3500 feet, and you will also receive radio instructions from the ground to help with navigation. After executing several solo flights safely, you will be ready to take your first high-altitude jump alone. You can also learn to fly solo using the gradual free fall program so let’s look at it.

The free fall program is much like the solo training option, only instead of jumping at low altitudes, your flights happen at 10,500 feet—just like actual dives. For the progressive freefall, you will be accompanied by two instructors. However, as your skill level progresses, one instructor is withdrawn until you can skydive by yourself.  You will have to demonstrate exceptional skills to be selected for the progressive freefall program, but if you are selected, this will be the most fun you can have while learning something new. 

Gradual freefall

If you are considering skydiving in Saskatoon, Skydiving South Sask has plenty of options for both experienced and first-time skydivers to have fun.  If you want to skydive with Skydiving South Sask, you will find a passionate skydiving team that promises to show you the best views, unbeatable customer service, and some of the best instructors in the business to make the experience as enjoyable and safe for you as can be. With Skydiving South Sask, you are in safe hands, and you can comfortably push yourself beyond your comfort zone, challenge your personal beliefs and have fun with a skydiving experience you will remember beyond your skydiving days. 


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