How Much Does It Cost To Go To The Qatar World Cup?

Sep 9 , 2022 · 8 min read

Game on! Sports fans worldwide are excited about the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar from 20 November to 18 this year. If you are thinking of going, it’s not too late. World Cup is one of the most iconic sports events on the planet and only occurs every four years. There is fierce competition on what country will host the World Cup too, and it’s always in a fantastic location. This time Qatar has been honored, and travelers from around the globe will descend there soon.

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Qatar World Cup

So you might wonder how much it costs to go to the Qatar World Cup. Well, the cost depends on many factors, so let’s go through it so you can at least estimate what the trip would cost. Then you can book your flights, accommodation, and match tickets accordingly, and hopefully have enough time to persuade some friends or family to come along with you for the adventure. 

Traveling to Qatar

Traveling to Qatar for Qatar World Cup

Qatar is a popular travel hub in the Middle East, so you can find many airlines flying there. The Arab country also has its own airline, Qatar Airways, one of the best airlines in the world. We have great prices and many options, and you can often find unbelievable bargains on our website. 

Accommodation in Qatar

Qatar city

The city is in a state of rapid growth, with accommodation getting in on the act. You can find Hotels in all budget ranges that emphasize a high level of service wherever you check in. Creative architecture with high-rise glass buildings, modern design, and high-tech facilities means you can book some fancy accommodation.

Doha’s Movenpick Hotel offers brand reassurance, spacious rooms, and reasonable room rates. With an outdoor pool to beat the Qatar heat, a gym, and an international restaurant, you will have a comfortable and convenient stay. You may also be familiar with brands in Qatar, including Hilton, Best Western, Four Seasons, Grand Hyatt, Wyndham Grand, InterContinental, and The Ritz Carlton. Then there are many smaller brands, locally-run hotels, and Airbnbs that offer fair services.

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Tickets to the games

Tickets to the games in Qatar World Cup

You can buy tickets to the games online now. Prices range from $80 for category three group games to $1,600 for a category one finals ticket. For the round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and 3rd place games, prices vary between those two extremes.


Transportation in Qatar

Qatar is an ultra-modern city, so there are many ways to get around. With millions of football fanatics hitting Qatar soon, the transportation system will be tested, so allow plenty of time when going places. 

1. Metro

Metro in Qatar

It’s easy to get around the city by Metro. The Doha Metro network takes in every stadium used for the 2022 World Cup and many other places you will want to go sightseeing between games. Buy a travel card when you arrive and put credit on it through the rail app or online. You can buy travel cards at all stations and some supermarkets. You will pay around $3 for a standard card or $28 for a Gold Club travel card. Free buses run a few km around the first and last stops of each line.

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2. Public buses

Public buses in Qatar

Public buses are another option for traveling around Qatar. You can buy a smart card to ride the Karwa public bus.

Here are the prices:

3. Car Rental

Car Rental in Qatar

Tourists can rent cars if they have a valid driver’s license from their country, are at least 25 years old, and have held a license for at least a year. Ensure you are a confident driver before renting a car in the city, as it’s a busy place with heavier traffic than usual during the World Cup. 

4. Taxis

Taxis in Qatar

You can catch taxis and also use Uber and Careem in Qatar. 

Cycling, e-bikes, and electric buses give more options. The electric bus system is relatively new, so it doesn’t run as many routes as other buses. 

5. Food

Food in Qatar

For foodies, you can indulge in flavors from almost any nation, with a melting pot of restaurants offering every kind of cuisine imaginable. Food prices are reasonable in Qatar, but like any place, you can find cheap eats, mid-range eateries, and fine dining that will be expensive as the food quality is very high with a dining experience to match. The cost depends on your taste. Set a daily budget for your food, and if you are on a budget, hotels that include breakfast as part of the room booking will save you a lot. 


Entertainment in Qatar

You can find all kinds of entertainment in Qatar. In the daytime, you might like camel riding, hitting the beach, shopping, or taking a sand dune safari. While many of these activities cost money, there are also free things to see and do. In Doha, you can see The Pearl Qatar, a manmade island where the rich and famous reside. A walk around Souq Waqif or wander around the famous bazaar full of exotic shops often has cultural performances and live entertainment to enjoy.

Another fascinating and free sight is the Al Zubarah Fort and the museum in the desert. About an hour out of Doha, it makes a nice half-day trip when you are ready to explore areas outside of Doha. Museums, cultural villages, boat trips, tower top viewing, and the Barzan Towers are worth checking out between cheering on your favorite football teams. 


Shopping in Qatar

Your shopping budget can be as you wish but be warned that shopping in Doha is impressive and full of temptations, especially in the glitzy malls. Designer brands, high-end local designers, artwork, jewelry, and souvenirs are all part of the glamourous shopping experience you can expect in Qatar.


Insurance in Qatar

Travel and health insurance are always recommended, so make sure you allow for coverage for the duration of your trip to the Middle East.

Will you be in Qatar to see 32 football teams going for the big win? The start of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar is near, so we recommend you ensure you can get tickets to some games and accommodation before you book a flight. The Tickets to the finals are scarce, so you will probably see at least some games online or on TV in Qatar. But if you miss out on game tickets, there is still something special about being in the city that is hosting the famous games. The atmosphere in the streets, stadiums and sports bars will be great. You could go to a local bar and watch some games with the locals, who are bound to be fun. Get into the spirit of the World Cup in Qatar because it will be epic, as always!

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