How Can I Go To The World Cup In Qatar From Canada?

Oct 8 , 2022 · 7 min read

If you keep thinking about booking a trip to Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, now is the time to do it. The iconic sporting event that sports fans worldwide have been waiting for happens from 20 November to 18 December. You won’t get another chance to go to the World Cup for four years, and who knows when the Middle East will have the opportunity to host it again. 

If you want to go to the Qatar World Cup from Canada, there are plenty of flight options. Then you need to book your accommodation and tickets to the football games before you pack your bags and get ready to go.

Flights from Canada to Qatar

Qatar is a major stop in the Middle East for many airlines, so you have options to book with your favorite companies, including Air Canada. The ultra-modern country also has its own airline, Qatar Airways, the number one airline in the world. Air Canada and Qatar Airways have a codeshare agreement, which means the ticket purchased from one airline is actually operated by the other partner airline. 

This enables more frequent flights and more direct destinations from places like Toronto and Montreal.

You will land in Doha at Doha International Airport, a modern yet luxurious and glitzy destination that reflects the vibe of the city and other areas of Qatar. You can also enter Qatar by road or sea, but from Canada, flying is the best way to travel. 

The cities of Al Wakrah, Al Khor, and Al Rayyan join Doha city in hosting the games. To get to those places from Doha, you can drive in 30-60 minutes in normal traffic conditions. Naturally, you can expect traffic congestion during the World Cup as the tourist population booms compared to expected.

The Hayya Card

If you are going to the World Cup from Canada as a foreign national, you need a Hayya card. The mandatory requirement is a digital ID for international travelers and includes entry to the stadiums (with your ticket) and use of the complimentary transportation offered on match days. 

There is a phone app for Hayya that you can apply to use after you buy your tickets to the games, and it will be approved once you confirm you’ve booked your accommodation. If you are staying with friends or family who reside in Qatar, they should register their home through the Hayya portal to get a voucher code so you can use the app.

Travel Requirements For Entry To Qatar

If you are going to the World Cup from Canada (and are not a citizen of Qatar), you need to provide a negative pre-travel PCR lab result. The Covid test result should be obtained no more than 48 hours before the time you depart Canada.

Fully vaccinated or recovered travelers are not required to quarantine or provide proof of a negative rapid antigen test on arrival. Non-vaccinated and non-immune visitors must quarantine for five days in a hotel or five days “home quarantine” for those with relatives in the country (proof of residence and relationship is needed).

Rules and Laws

Qatar has many different laws than Canada, and it pays to be aware of them to avoid problems while attending the World Cup. While naming them all would be difficult, here are some to remember as you pack your bags and while in the Arab country.

Revealing clothing is frowned upon, so dress conservatively to be sensitive to local culture and rules. Always be respectful and behave discreetly, especially in public and religious areas.

Same-sex relationships, including marriages, are considered criminal, but there aren’t restrictions on staying in the same room, including 2SLGBTQI+ couples. Holding hands or kissing even if you are married is not socially acceptable. Hold off on any PDA in public to avoid confrontation or upsetting locals.

You may not take photos of Qatar residents without permission. This extends to journalists, reporters, bloggers, and content creators. You may not use photography or videography equipment or do interviews with locals without a special visa and permission to do so.

Never use offensive language or gestures, fight with anyone in public, criticize the government or religion of Islam, or act in a manner that could be perceived as unfavorable. There is no legal guarantee of freedom of the press or expression in Qatar. 

Be careful when traveling, use common sense, and have good travel insurance. 

Cost of Tickets

With many sports fans on our staff, you might hear a hint of envy in their voices when you explain you want to travel to Qatar from Canada for the World Cup. The cost of your ticket will vary depending on when you fly and where you are departing from. Book soon for the best rates, and if you need help, our Trip Support staff are only too happy to assist.

Drinking Alcohol In Qatar

The rules and laws surrounding drinking in Qatar should be noted as many football fans love celebrating their team’s wins and losses with a beer or wine. You can’t drink in public, and it is illegal to be drunk. So never drink in excess and be aware of where you are consuming alcohol. 

The alcohol supply is limited, with only authorized distributors, licensed restaurants and high-end hotels being able to buy it. You might be wondering if you will be able to purchase alcohol at the stadiums during the games. If you have a hospitality package, it will be available for about $13 a pint. 

Stopover In Europe

The flight time from Toronto to London is about seven hours. From London to Qatar it is about the same distance and time. So Europe is right in the middle of the flight path from Canada to the Middle East. If you want to break up the long flight a few nights in Paris or Rome might be lovely. 

It will be winter at that time, so you would need to pack carefully so you are covered for the extreme climates. But sipping wine or coffee in France between shopping sprees and museum visits or a few romantically moody days roaming around Edinburgh could be wonderful.

From Europe, you will also have more airline options to go to Qatar. British Airways, American Airlines, Turkish Airlines and Royal Air Maroc are a few of the top airlines that have frequent flights from Europe to the Middle East. If you are looking for affordable flights, this might also help your search. 

But don’t wait too long to book your flights because more and more people are deciding the World Cup in Qatar is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity they don’t want to miss.

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The face of travel is changing rapidly. We are proudly leading the industry with an innovative and flexible Book Now, Pay Later option.

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