Where can I go for Niagara Falls Halloween in Ontario?

Apr 25 , 2021 · 5 min read

Niagara Falls are known for the lovely scenery, romantic charm, and plenty of family-friendly things. But did you know it has a scary and spooky side?  If you are looking for freaky and frightening memories for your Halloween in Niagara Falls, you are also covered. You will find a lot of scary mansions and haunted houses to get your spook on this Halloween. One place that is guaranteed to give the enthralling experience you want is Haunt Manor, just close to Niagara Falls.  It is not your typical haunted house to visit. Read on to find out why you and your friends and family should experience haunt manor, Niagara Falls.   

Haunted Houses

It’s actually haunted

Unlike most farms that will put décor to make-believe haunt a place, the haunted manor Niagara Falls has a history steeped in mystery and ghosts. 

Over its 220-year history, the farm has survived long enough to be at the center stage of some scary stories of its own. 

Close to the grounds is a graveyard for soldiers who died in the Battle of Lundy—one of the bloodiest fights of the war of 1812.  

On the grounds, you will also find the remnants of the home of the pew family—to date, ghost sightings are reported from the home.  

So, unlike most haunted parks, the hauntedness of haunt manor Niagara Falls is not make-believe; therefore, don’t be surprised if you find a genuine heart-stopping terror.


Corn Maze

Corn Maze

If you have had enough of carving pumpkins, watched the great pumpkin or Charlie brown more than enough times, or you have taken haunted hayrides that went nowhere, perhaps it’s time you gave the haunted manor Niagara Falls corn maze a try.  If you think you have what it takes to brave the spooky maze, then it is time you tried the scary special of the farm. 

This corn maze promises to be fun-filled, soil your pants spooky, and a Halloween experience you want the whole family, office, or friends to enjoy. When they say that the dead rise and walk among the living during Halloween, they weren’t kidding about it at this farm.

There is a lot to do in the maze on top of facing your fears in the dead of night. Zombie slayers will have plenty to do, including going for the exhilarating zombie hunt in the maze with paintball guns. The aim is to take out as many zombies as possible, and this is an immensely popular night activity.

Haunted hayride

Haunted hayride

A haunted hayride is a fun treat to add to your itinerary if you want to be creeped out or scare your friends and family. There is nothing like the adrenaline rush that comes with being jumped by something and haunt manor Niagara Falls switches everything up. Their haunted hayride venue changes its attractions regularly to remain mystical.

So, if you had something you were expecting, it will come at you when you least expect it. This is a fun way to get the blood rushing while you enjoy the great outdoors. 

You might know what might be coming up, but when it pops up, it just keeps you alert and on the edge of your seat during the whole trip. 

The tractor moves at a pace that makes everything suspicious, and if that’s not enough to get you clutching to your neighbors’ arms, then the creepy decorations and the gayly dressed actors will make it eerie enough.

Haunted Houses

Haunted Houses

There are seven haunted houses in haunt manor Niagara Falls. If that’s not dedication to soiling people’s pants, I don’t know what is. The management will not be responsible for any dry-cleaning bill for wet pants, so if you are ready to have a good time being scared, carry a spare pair of pants. Partly horrific, partly humorous, but all-around entertaining, the haunted houses are dedicated to exploring your worst fears and exposing them. 

What’s great is the all-around storyline changes each year, but they are all guaranteed to draw in visitors and make them part of the story. For most of the year, the area is often quiet, but the screams and shrieks in the air during Halloween vouch for the credentials as a spooky destination. 

There is everything from dramatic explosions, cryogenic blasts, hyper-realistic makeup, and genuine hair-raising acting from the staff. You will pay if you let your guard down, and that’s what makes it fun.

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If you dare, there are seven haunted houses, but the fair warning is that haunt manor Niagara Falls is not revered as one of the scariest places in Niagara Falls for no reason. Its history is littered with mystic and rumors still run about how ghosts actually haunt the place.  Every guest will have to face their fears, be it physical, emotional, or mental.  For masochists, this is home, but for regular folks, it is an experience of a lifetime.

For 2020, the haunt manor Niagara Falls introduced a walkthrough of the backwoods to the haunted hayride. If you dare to walk into the darkness, there is plenty from creepy crawlies and tormented people to greet you during your tour. There is a lot to enjoy from the attics, prison cells, attics, and so much more.  Due to its nature, there is an age limit for some attractions, but generally, anyone under age 15 must be accompanied by an adult during the trip. It is safe to visit during the pandemic, and we can’t wait to hear the reports of your helpless cries. 

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