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Cheapest Places to Fly to from Canada Month by Month

Jun 22 , 2021 · 5 min read

Tourism season is here, and with Covid-19 vaccinations being dispensed, traveling is bound to get much easier. It looks like the best time to travel, mostly because airlines and resorts are giving massive offers and packages to get people traveling again post covid. However, this is only on the surface, and the reality is that even if you wanted to travel right now, the costs of lodging and flying aren’t the only aspects that will dictate the quality of your travel. 

The best time of the year to go on holiday depends largely on where you want to go and when you can start organizing your trip. You may need to be a little bit more flexible in your travel dates, but flexibility and forward planning can help you secure a cheap holiday. 

Planning your holidays in advance can cut costs through multiple flight and accommodation options. In addition, airlines will offer lower prices when booking a month or two in advance. If booked in advance, discounted prices are available for packages, including flights, accommodation, and car rental. A travel planning website can help you evaluate your options when you are ready to start planning your vacation. So, if you are looking for Cheapest Places to Travel Right Now, this blog can help you plan.

What is the Cheapest time to Fly?

The Cheapest Time to Fly to Top Destinations

Although the exact prices vary by destination, the weather trends remain the same. Autumn and winter travel (avoid big holidays) is your best way to save money. Of course, sometimes you just want the children on vacation in the summer. In this case, August is the most favorable time. Remember to pack prepared for hot weather.

To get the lowest prices on air tickets or take advantage of offers, use book now and pay later financing to lock your ticket in advance because the price of the ticket will skyrocket closer to your travel date or if demand is high. This is especially so during Christmas and New Year, during which you can expect flight costs to be high. You can also download an app or browser plugin to track the cheapest flights right now. This can help you find the best deal when they come up.


orlando in January

In January, it is most affordable to plan travel to:

New York, NY

New year’s celebrations are over, many tourists have left town, but the deals and promotions are still running. It is cold, but you can also save on shows and food.


One of the cheapest places to travel in January is Orlando. Frigid weather must make it abominable to visit New York, but in Orlando, it’s a toasty 71 degrees. The theme parks here are still open, but crowds are light. Best time to skip queues, plus it is among the warm cheap places to go in January.

Las Vegas

If you can brave the cold, you will find Las Vegas pleasingly affordable. Despite being cold, it’s not icy, and you can enjoy this entertainment hub worry-free.


Ireland in February


It might still be cold outside, but that’s the time to break out your Aran sweater.


It may still be cold outside, but the Netherlands has a thriving art scene you could make it your mission to see.


italy in March


Italy is a cheap trip for couples any time of the year. March is a lovely time to avoid expensive summer rates. With a way to move about, it is among the cheapest places to travel in March.


Spain is also another cheap trip for couples because while some parts are cold, the beaches of Barcelona, Seville, and Valencia are warm.


barbados in april


One of the cheapest places to fly in April is Barbados. April one of the best and most affordable times to escape to Barbados. Flights and accommodation are cheap, and the weather is fantastic.


April happens to be the hottest month, and exotic places like Koh Samui have the least crowds. If you don’t mind hot weather, this is the ideal April vacation destination


punta cana vacation in May

cancun, Mexico 

Cheapest time to go to Mexico is May. Playa Del Carmen is one of the cheapest places to travel to in May. It is usually less crowded around this time despite great weather. Room rates have gone down, and it the best time to be on a beach.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana is becoming modern, boasting of a new airport, cheap flights, and low packages in May. You will find plenty of great deals; it’s unreal.

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fort-lauderdale in June

San Juan, Puerto Rico

It’s shoulder season in Puerto Rico, and June begins the off-season. This means flight and room rates will decline but watch out for massive promotions.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

June begins Hurricane season here, but as a waterside community, there’s tons of recreation and wildlife to see


niagara falls flights in July

Niagara Falls, Canada

The best weather—summer,  bundled rates, and availability of flights make July the best time to come around. 

The Bahamas

Because it’s summer, the Bahamas are affordable—time to tick off every bucket list item you had about the Bahamas.


mazatlan in August

Mazatlán, Mexico

Not as popular as Cancun or Puerto Vallarta, but Mazatlán is quite affordable in the summer, although it coincides with storm season.


It’s hard to hear of a Belize vacation deal, but August is the best time to hunt for discounts because it comes at the onset of the rainy season of August to October.


curacao in September

Siem Reap, Cambodia

If you want to see Siem Reap and other Cambodian attractions like the Angkor Wat,  there are no waiting lines in September, and flights and accommodation are cheap too.


September is storm season in this tropical paradise. But this also means that travel and accommodation costs to exotic places like Playa Kali, Grote Knip,  and Cas Abao will be very affordable.


Japan Vacation in October


Places like Kinosaki-Onsen are there to relax you. Fall is wonderful and cheap in  Japan, and getting deals just makes it better


Balmy weather, cheap resorts, and endless beauty on top  of savings on flights makes turkey an ideal October destination


jordan in November


November is the cheapest time to visit Europe. Low visitor numbers and pleasant weather just add to this list.


Bang for bucks living, a rich cultural,  political, and social history, brimming archeological attractions, and plenty of sightseeing that leave you astounded, will fill your Jordan itinerary.


oaxaca in December

Oaxaca, Mexico

The ancient ruins in Monte Alban, great weather and attractions, and rich Mexican Culture mean that with a  cheap flight to Oaxaca, you will have a quality time.

Montego Bay and Kingston, Jamaica

Jamaica is the top cheapest place to travel in December. As the cold weather comes in elsewhere, your Caribbean getaway awaits. There are many deals on flights and accommodation to Jamaica during this time.


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