Best Snorkelling Cabo San Lucas

Jun 9 , 2022 · 5 min read

The snorkeling conditions in Cabo San Lucas are great with the chance to see brightly colored fish, fascinating sea life and healthy coral in the clearest blue waters.

You can book a tour or go snorkeling without a guide to see the colorful fish, nice reefs and other creatures in the sea.

Los Cabos covers the entire resort area at the top of Mexico’s state of Baja California Sur. This southern part of the Baja Peninsula is where some of the best snorkeling can be experienced.

It includes Cabo San Lucas township, San Jose del Cabo and the stretch of ocean that links the two places. Locals often say Cabo, meaning anywhere that is part of Los Cabos or Cabo San Lucas.

We can break the best snorkeling spots into three areas as follows with the chance of seeing a manta ray being possible!

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Santa Maria Cove

Cabo San Lucas

Snorkeling around Playa Santa Maria, or Santa Maria Beach, is safe and relaxing because the water is calm. Since the area is protected from powerful ocean swells, it is also good for beginner snorkelers and children.

Santa Maria Cove is often included in snorkeling tours because of the great visibility and calm waters.

Chileno Beach

Chileno Beach in Cabo San Lucas

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The quiet beauty of Chilean Beach is alluring and it’s just as pretty on the sand as underwater. Dive into the azure-colored water and swim around with your snorkeling gear, allowing you to see and breathe just like a fish.

The water is clear and clean.

There is usually a lifeguard on duty and bathrooms with showers. This beach is also popular with snorkeling tours which will come into the shallow waters by boat to see crabs, tropical fish, starfish and sometimes stingrays and sea urchins. 

Land's End

Land's End in Cabo San Lucas

For a different scene, try Land’s End. As the name hints, it is at the end of Cabo and features bold rock formations coming out of the water.

Another wonderful part of this beach is the sea lion colony that is normally soaking up the sun or swimming in the warm water. Amazing to admire but don’t get too close as they can be territorial.

You might also see pelicans that are so abundant there is a rock named after them.

Around Pelican Rock, the snorkeling is fantastic and also around Arch Rock (El Arco) nearby. Look out for Neptune’s Finger, which is between El Arco and Lover’s Beach.

Day Trip From Cabo

Day Trip From Cabo in Cabo San Lucas

Heading out on the boat with the sun shining and the fresh ocean breeze on your face is a great vacation experience. Cabo Pulmo National Park is a great underwater world to explore.

You can also drive there from Cabo in about two hours. Or you can join a tour that might incorporate kayaking, swimming and other fun water activities.

 This area has been protected since 1995, so the coral reef is healthy and thriving, making snorkeling and diving conditions excellent.

The sea life can be quite different as you enter new areas and you can see eels and sea turtles in these waters. The best time to go snorkeling in this area is from October to December.

Recommended Snorkelling Tours

Recommended Snorkelling Tours in Cabo San Lucas

Most of these tours depart from. Cabo San Lucas Marina.

Best Time Of Year For Snorkelling

Best Time Of Year For Snorkelling in Cabo San Lucas

October is usually the most outstanding month for snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas. November is also excellent for snorkelers and scuba divers.

The water temperature is the warmest from October to December, with good visibility to match. It gets cold from January to May, but with a wetsuit, you could still brave the waters.

You have to go snorkeling when you visit Cabo because it’s an amazing place to see the life underneath the sea.

You never know what you might see and that is part of the thrill of exploring the big wide ocean. If you are a serious snorkeler, bring your own gear; otherwise, you can rent a mask and snorkel when you arrive.

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