Best Mexican Restaurants In Los Cabos

Jun 13 , 2022 · 9 min read

Bring your appetite to Los Cabos because the chefs in this Mexican town are cooking up a spicy storm.

There are many great restaurants serving up traditional Mexican fare with all your favorite dishes on the menu, along with some new introductions for your taste buds to sample.

Be adventurous and try something new because you should live on the edge when you are on vacation. Take the tequila shots offered, too and enjoy every meal.

Here are some Mexican restaurants to check out during your wonderful stay in Los Cabos. 

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La Panga Antigua

Restaurants In Los Cabos

For a delicious dining experience inside an old mansion with a charming courtyard, book a table at La Panga Antigua.

Chef Jacobo Turquie has won awards for his cooking and the menu he has created at La Panga Antigua is full of fresh seafood, Mexican flavors and creative dishes infused with other cultures.

This is not your average lunch or dinner but rather a memorable meal to enjoy in a leisurely way. You won’t regret trying La Panga Antigua one afternoon or evening. 

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Agua Salada

Agua Salada Restaurants In Los Cabos

On the menu at Agua Salada is Mexican and seafood dishes served up in a lively bar setting.

Fun in the daytime and even more alive at night, this is a fun place to meet up with friends, enjoy great food and drinks and soak up the vibrant atmosphere alive with the energy of locals and tourists.

There is often live music and events, so check the restaurant’s social media to see what’s going on while you are in town. 


Wachinango's Restaurants In Los Cabos

The grilled octopus turns heads as the waiter brings it to the table. All the big-portioned dishes that follow a gourmet seafood concept are beautiful looking and capable of making you feel hungry even if you are not.

Using local ingredients, the chefs at Wachinango’s whip up all your favorites like ceviche, seafood tacos, Mexican salads and aguachiles. You can have a feast with drinks to match.

Chef Manny Serrano has led the team since he arrived in Los Cabos in 2017. His love of cooking and hospitality is reflected in the dishes and obvious if you have the chance to meet him too. 

Wachinango’s is open every day from 8 am to 11 pm and one visit won’t be enough. 


El Patron Mexican Bistro

El Patron Mexican Bistro Restaurants In Los Cabos

For vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, El Patron is your go-to restaurant while in Los Cabos. Inside Villa del Arco Beach Resort and Spa, this luxurious restaurant has Mexican dishes with a contemporary twist.

Open for breakfast and dinner, you can sit on the terrace or inside the bar area and choose from ala carte options. The best tequila, Mezcal and Mexican wines are also available to enhance your meal.

The dress code is casual. If you like El Patron, there is an intriguing collection of restaurants within the resort, including the South American Grill and the Taco Bar.

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Solomon's Landing Los Cabos

Solomon's Landing Los Cabos Restaurants In Los Cabos

Right on the marina where you can look out at the luxury boats bobbing on the water, Soloman’s Landing Los Cabos offers open-air dining that will wow your taste buds.

The rustic thatched roof offers cool shade along with a gentle breeze coming off the water.

Enjoy seafood dishes, cocktails and exceptional service from the friendly staff. Soloman’s is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so come any time.

We have our eye on the Soloman’s stuffed fish: Panko-crusted fresh fish stuffed with cilantro risotto, topped with lobster sauce, parmesan and asparagus.

Many more signature dishes, including coconut churros for dessert, are tempting to try as soon as you arrive in Los Cabos.

Los Tres Gallos

Los Tres Gallos Restaurants In Los Cabos

Everyone raves about this high-vibes spot with classic Mexican dishes served under the romantic sparkling fairy lights. Grab a cocktail to enjoy as you pour over the extensive menu.

Live music adds to the upbeat atmosphere of one of Los Cabos’s most popular Mexican restaurants, and if you feel like dancing, you will fit right in with the festive mood.

The down-to-earth staff are also a highlight of visiting Los Tres Gallos. You can’t go wrong with the delicious chocolate tacos at the end of your night. 

Maria Jimenez Restaurante Mexicano

Maria Jimenez Restaurante Mexicano Restaurants In Los Cabos

Suppose you are learning a little Spanish leading up to your Mexican vacation. In that case, you might want to study how to say “delicious, amazing and best food ever” before you dine at Maria Jimenez Restaurante Mexicano.

Amazing sangria and cool cocktails go well with traditional Mexican dishes that are carefully prepared for locals and tourists who always go back for more. This place is popular, so reservations are recommended.

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Tacos Gardenias

Tacos Gardenias Restaurants In Los Cabos

You can guess by the name what this restaurant specializes in. If you love tacos, you can find fish tacos and shrimp tacos to satisfy those taco cravings.

There are many other wonderful dishes on the menu like cochinita pibil, tortilla soup, nopales, ceviche, barbacoa and chicken.

It all started 30 years ago with a basic restaurant that had only a few tables and chairs on a cement floor.

Fast forward to today, and diners are lining up for the freshest tacos in town.

What hasn’t changed is the warm family hospitality that is bestowed on every hungry diner who comes through the door. You can find Tacos Gardenias on Paseo de la Marina.

The Cape Hotel Manta Restaurant

The Cape Hotel Manta Restaurant In Los Cabos

Booking a table at a resort restaurant that allows outside guests gives you access to a whole new world of restaurants.

Not only do you get to sample the dishes, but you also get a sneak peek into a fancy resort you might want to stay at next time.

A fine example is Manta, the in-house restaurant at The Cape Hotel in Los Cabos. The service is top-notch and the surroundings are modern and romantic.

Fusion dishes blend Mexican, Japanese and Peru cultures with Chef Abisai Sanchez using the freshest local ingredients he can source. We recommend the fish tacos, the fanciest version of the dish you might ever taste.

Expect a meal of a lifetime that you will be talking about for many moons to come.

1 & Only Taco

1 & Only Taco Restaurants In Los Cabos

For cheap eats, 1 & Only Taco exceeds all foodie expectations. Serving Mexican, Latin and seafood dishes, this lovely dining hot spot serves up well-presented food with generous portions at a great price.

The smoked marlin taco is extra special and the service is great. Sit indoors or outside to enjoy your meal and note they are closed on Wednesdays to avoid disappointment.

This might be one of the best value-for-money meals you find in Mexico or ever – it’s that good!

Edith's Restaurant

Edith's Restaurant In Los Cabos

The name doesn’t sound fancy, but this is the fine dining experience you want to have before you go home.

It’s nice to splash out on a special meal to end your vacation and the bright garden venue with hanging glass lanterns is just dreamy. After you get over the vibrant interior, it will be time to order.

On the menu, you will discover fancy Mexican cuisine, including lobster and steak. Imported beef, caught-that-day fish and hand-made tortillas are some of the delights you will be tempted by.

Wash it all down with the best quality tequila or a colorful cocktail any day of the week. Your friendly bar person will be happy to recommend a special drink for your vacation. 

Metate Cabo

Metate Cabo Restaurants In Los Cabos

Fresh flavors and tasty food are the signature features of Metate Cabo. Not to mention the decor that is so vibrant and Mexican-style. With rave reviews online, this charming restaurant will make your day.

From breakfast to dinner, you can drop by to dine or make a reservation to ensure your seat at the table.

Mexican Restaurants According To Top Restaurateurs

Travel Tips To Take The Mexican Flavors Home

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When your vacation is over and you are back home, conversations easily drift to all the things you miss. Food is always one of the top things that you long for.

The good news is you can replicate the experience, although it won’t be as amazing as the real thing. When in Mexico, take a traditional cooking class and learn some secret recipes from the locals.

Also, stock up on sauces, spices and other ingredients that travel well to infuse them into your home cooking. Better yet, book another vacation because there are so many Mexican destinations to explore.

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