Best Luxury Hotels in Bacalar

Sep 7 , 2022 · 14 min read

Bacalar is a scenic town in southeast Mexico. It borders Belize and is situated on Lake Bacalar, which is also called the Lagoon of Seven Colors for its beautiful turquoise and blue hues. 

Best Hotels In Bacalar

While northern Bacalar is a little crowded compared to the southern part, the whole of Bacalar oozes tranquility. The clear, blue, calm waters of the lagoon and the sky create picturesque surroundings.

You can spend your holiday in luxurious resorts and enjoy the array of exciting activities available. Sunrise kayaking on the Bacalar lagoon is a wonderful way to witness the beauty of the Mexican morning. And from there, you can let your day unfold with water sports, excursions, dining, shopping and sightseeing.

Many people predict Bacalar is the next Tulum! Here’s a list of some of the best luxury hotels in Bacalar so you can imagine what your next vacation will be like.

Mia Bacalar Luxury Resort & Spa

Hotels In Bacalar

 If you want a holiday experience that will be etched in your memory forever, look no further than the Mia Bacalar Luxury Resort and Spa. A romantic getaway or a family destination, the Mia Bacalar offers an array of experiences ranging from gastronomical delights to cultural experiences to luxury indulgences with an abundance of warm Mexican hospitality.

A unique feature at Mia Bacalar Luxury Resort and Spa is the Temazcal or sweat house. A spiritual experience, the Temazcal ceremony involves connecting with nature through steam, soil, fire and water. The traditional form of purification is uplifting and inspiring, with the results being felt straight away. At the Mia Spa, there are more mainstream spa indulgences, all with a focus on the healing power of nature. Soothing massages and blissful treatments like the cocoa and mint stimulating wrap and reflexology will leave you in a pure state of relaxation and calm.

The pool bar will become one of your favorite spots, with cool cocktails served as you relax in the water. Sip your drink, swim around and it will be time for another one. When it comes to food, the resort excels with rich flavors infused into every dish. Restaurant Hunab Ku is where you can get a delicious meal from the kitchen run by executive chef Pedro Sanchez who has a flair for cooking that delights all the foodie guests.

The prices at Mia Bacalar Luxury Resort & Spa may vary depending on your stay. However, the estimated price for a night is $ 324. 

Habitas Bacalar

Habitas Bacalar Hotels In Bacalar

Looking for something holistic that will recharge you back into action? The Habitas Bacalar offers an experience that will recharge not just your mind but your body and soul as well!

All room types are decorated in an organic and natural style that oozes chic jungle vibes. The a-frame lagoon rooms have ceilings decorated with draped fabric and furnishings and linens in earthy tones. Jungle rooms are gorgeously exotic with charming little decks, so you can sit outside and listen to the songs of nature. Lagoon breeze rooms are relaxing and cozy with all the amenities you would wish for. As you leave your room to walk along the wooden boardwalk that leads to the rustic chill-out area and restaurant with a bar, you will be connected with nature and already feel relaxed and calm. Many activities await, including morning yoga, art and music therapies and spa treatments. Enjoy a healthy, freshly squeezed tropical fruit juice before you paddle out into the lagoon in a canoe. The days are blissful and the nights are peaceful at Habitat Bacalar.

Don’t forget to take a stroll through the botanical garden on your way to the cacao and melipona honey huts, where you can learn about Mayan rituals and traditions. By now, your mind, body and soul is feeling rejuvenated and free. You will be fueled further into a state of well-being with the healthy food options at Habitat Bacalar. Each meal is a delight and prepared with the freshest ingredients available.

Located between the Mayan jungle and a tranquil lagoon, this luxury hotel draws its inspiration and energy from its surrounding nature, including the lagoon and jungle. If you are a fan of greens and peace, this should be on top of your list!

The price for a night at Habitats Bacalar starts from $ 340.

Khaban Bacalar Hotel Boutique

Khaban Bacalar Hotel Boutique In Bacalar

If dreamy aesthetics and being surrounded by nature is your thing, you will love your stay at the Khaban Bacalar Hotel Boutique. This is another luxury accommodation option that promises a sweet getaway that includes plenty of natural, picturesque jungle.

Located in the south of Mexico, this luxury boutique resort boasts a landscape that will soothe away your worries and take you to a place of serenity and hope. The rural surroundings contrast nicely with the luxurious interiors of the rooms that guarantee a comfortable stay that is heaven on earth.

Overwater swings give you a vision of the best Instagram post ever, breezy hammocks make you feel like a nap, but you could also wander to the rustic pier and hang your feet over the side to feel the cool water. Mornings exploring the local area, lazy afternoons tasting the most alluring dishes on the menu and stunning sunsets are all part of the deal at Khan Bacalar Hotel Boutique.

Book a tour to see the sights with a local guide who will tell you many stories about the past and present and when you get back, take another dip in the lagoon of seven colors. The various types of sand and soil show through the crystal clear waters giving the lagoon the truly unique colors it’s famous for. A boat trip is always a fabulous way to spend some hours that include diving off the side to go snorkeling and swimming with the tropical fish and other exotic sea creatures. What more could you want from a Bacalar vacation? This place really ticks all the boxes when it comes to finding the perfect vacation spot.

The price for a night at Khaban Bacalar Hotel Boutique starts from $ 370.

Casa Hormiga

Casa Hormiga In Bacalar

Life at Hotel Casa Hormiga is just amazing, with a sacred sanctuary vibe that can be described as a chilled buzz. The ambiance at this Mexican luxury hotel gives you a sense of complete calm so you can unwind and be yourself. It’s all about transformation, healing and being the best version of yourself that is possible.

Your jungle room or tree top loft accommodation is your haven to rest, never being far from the swimming pools. Private balconies, jungle views and luxury amenities make your stay more blissful than you imagined. Check the hotel’s Instagram or Facebook page to get a glimpse of what each room type looks like and see if you can imagine yourself there.

The Nest is a common area dedicated to creativeness and inspiration. You might go there and find a yoga class just starting or be sent there for your booked massage. It is where friends old and new meet and sound healing sessions, movie nights, workshops and group discussions also happen.

A casa ritual is a must for your soul. There are all kinds of traditional healing methods to try, including therapeutic Tarot readings, water meditations, reiki, sacred crystals, skin treatments and Temazcal. Carried out by qualified therapists and healers, you are in safe hands and perhaps about to have a life-changing experience when you book a casa ritual.

Next day, head to the beach club not far from the hotel. The Latin fusion menu is delicious. At the hotel at Brote Restaurant, the chef is also cooking up a Mexican storm to treat your tastebuds to some fresh flavors.

If you need a good read, stop by the hotel library for a book about travel, culture, history or health. Generous bookworms might bring their own book to donate to the library for the next traveler to enjoy. 

The price for a night at Casa Hormiga starts from $ 215.

MBH Maya Bacalar Hotel Boutique

MBH Maya Bacalar Hotel Boutique In Bacalar

If you are looking for a perfect getaway where there is no crowd, MBH Maya Bacalar Hotel Boutique is your place. Nature meets luxury at this hotel in a stunning location with the beach just a few steps away.

Suites are tastefully decorated with tropical lagoon views to inspire the soul. A feeling of tranquility and peace washes over guests who check into the luxury rooms with simple and stylish interiors. Where will you be found if you are not reclining in your room? Maybe at XantHa, which has a menu full of healthy dishes that are as colorful as they are tasty. Attention to presentation is paid in a creative way and the drinks served to match the high quality of the food. For foodies, this restaurant is going to be the highlight of their stay.

Back on land, the roof garden is a peaceful place to read a book or meditate, then take an afternoon nap or siesta, as the locals like to call it. You can take a steam bath or soak in the jacuzzi every evening to help you fall into a deep sleep. The next day you will be re-energized to go hiking in the Mayan jungle. While it is a relaxing vacation, there is always another activity to experience and your vacation will end all too soon. 

The price for a night at MBH Maya Bacalar Hotel Boutique starts from $190.

Blue Palm Bacalar

Blue Palm In Bacalar

Step into this beautifully decorated luxury hotel at Bacalar and experience a blissful vacation. Blue Palm offers a wonderful stay if you are looking for an idyllic stay. The hotel has a large pool and lounge chairs where you can sunbathe peacefully. For a quick power nap in the lap of nature, you can lay on the shaded hammocks over the water. 

The adults-only resort is stylish with splashes of color that are fresh and playful with hammocks hanging over the pool. Luxury suites match the decor with tropical art prints hanging over the soft beds in every room that also all have organic toiletries, wi-fi and air-conditioning.

At the open air Spa Pavilion, therapists are waiting for you to choose aromatherapy, sports or full body massage. It’s the perfect treat after a yoga or Jantsu session in the pool. Massages in your room can be arranged too. At the front desk, the concierge can arrange a sailing trip, cenote tour or water sports activities like kayaking or paddle boarding. You might enjoy a bike ride surrounded by nature or a bird-watching afternoon. If you want a full-day trip, the Chacchoben Mayan Ruins or the Belize and Guatemala Tikal Ruins are fascinating. Seeing these places is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that all your friends and family back home will be envious of. You won’t run out of things to do when you are staying at Blue Palm Bacalar.

The price for a night at Blue Palm Bacalar starts from $178.

Bacalar 777 Hotel Boutique

Bacalar 777 Hotel Boutique In Bacalar

With a private beach area where you can enjoy privacy, the Bacalar 777 Hotel Boutique has rooms with great views overlooking the lagoon and gardens. There is a certain mystic ambiance in the hotel area that brings calm to your inner senses.

You can go kayaking in the lagoon and immerse yourself in absolute solitude while enjoying the stunning blue beauty of the water. The area is good for swimming and snorkeling too. Or you might prefer to stay poolside, so you can be close to the friendly bar person who makes the best tropical cocktails all day long. If you are looking for a relaxing vacation, this hotel is a wonderful choice. 

There is a Temazcal on site and a ceremony can be booked in advance for a spiritually uplifting experience that is traditional to Mexico. It is great for your mind, body and soul and has been practiced for hundreds of years. Some say the dome shape of the Temazcal represents a mother’s womb and that partaking in the ceremony is a form of rebirth. Toxins are removed from the body and you come out feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Whatever your travel style, action-packed or based around chilling out, Bacalar 777 Hotel Boutique staff will be there to point you in the right direction. The pace of life when you are on vacation is totally up to you, but many like to mix up their days with lots of sightseeing followed by one or two days of relaxing. 

The price for a night at Bacalar 777 Hotel Boutique starts from $271.

Rancho Encantado

Rancho Encantado In Bacalar

Located on the peaceful shores of Laguna Bacalar, Rancho Encantado offers a great travel experience for anyone who adores nature. The area around the hotel is rich with lush, green vegetation, which helps you feel rejuvenated the moment you arrive. You really couldn’t picture a more beautiful place with azure waters blending into the blue horizon.

The rooms offer a specular view of the pristine lake water with hammocks where you can relax, forgetting all your worries. Decorated in a bright and breezy style, you can relax in spacious rooms with beds draped with mosquito nets and private balconies where you can pass some time after your afternoon siesta.

The price for a night at Rancho Encantado starts from $200. 

The restaurant and bar on the seafront serve executive food of international standards sourced fresh from local farmers and suppliers. Sip freshly squeezed orange juice while watching the blue water of the lagoon and indulge in new flavors. Try some new dishes or stick to your tried and trusted favorites with plenty of vegetarian options and a good selection of Mexican wines available. If you think eating exotic food is a vacation highlight, the chef at Rancho Encantado would agree.

For weddings, Rancho Encantado is a popular destination, so don’t be surprised if you see a wedding celebration happening one sunny day. It’s easy to see why couples choose to tie the knot at Rancho Encantado. Everywhere you turn, there is another pretty and photogenic scene.

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