Best Beaches In Mainland Greece

Jul 25 , 2022 · 7 min read

As we all know, Greece is loaded with beautiful beaches, incredible historical sites, and stunning natural beauty. At the same time, the mainland is filled with ancient cities and less explored, untouched regions. 

Whenever we or someone talks about Greece, we are immediately reminded of the quintessential Greek summer holiday in Mykonos, Naxos, Santorini, or other famous destinations. And, why not? There are 6000 islands and islets to choose from; however, not even in our slightest thoughts do we think of the mainland greek beaches, which is why that side of Greece remains unexplored. But what if you could find the perfect beach in Greece without having to leave the mainland?

In mainland Greece, the beaches have a different vibe and beauty altogether, unlike what we see in the other parts of Greece. These islands cannot be compared to the Greek islands, as they both are distinctive and unique in their respective spheres.

Going forward, this blog will take you through a number of beaches in mainland Greece (that I’m sure none of you would be aware of), away from all the hustle and bustle, glitzy and buzzing life of Greece you have picturized or seen.

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Voidkolia Beach, Messinia

Beaches In Mainland

The Greeks consider the beach a national treasure due to its similarity with the Omega symbol and horseshoe. The beach’s water resembles the Caribbean due to its blue aqua color. The waters are calm and shallow, perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Anyone who adores wildlife can, especially birds, would love to visit this beach.

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Mylopotamos Beach, Pelion

Mylopotamos Beach, Pelion Beache In Mainland Greece

The gorgeous Mylopotamos beach is located in Pelion. The beach is separated by a single rock that further splits the beach into two beaches. The beach’s waters are between medium to deep, perfect for swimming. It is a picturesque place with pebbles onshore, making it a unique and must-visit place. The beach also has restaurants, and cafes, making it an ideal place to spend your entire day.

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PortoKali Beach, Sithonia

PortoKali Beach, Sithonia In Mainland Greece

It is one of the unique beaches located in Sithonia, Greece. The beach once used to be a hidden treasure for local people but now has become a hot tourist attraction. Finding a place during the peak seasons can be challenging, so we advise you to visit the beach early in the morning and grab a spot before people start pouring in. There are incredible rock formations surrounding the beach and a rock in the sea shaped like an elephant. You can snorkel, swim and enjoy the views the beach has to offer. 

Karydi Beach, Sithonia

Karydi Beach, Sithonia Beaches In Mainland Greece

Karydi beach is close to PortoKali beach, so if you plan to visit Portokali beach, you can easily explore the Karydi beach too. It is a famous and recognized beach by locals and a paradise you cannot miss. The beach has two parts; one is large and shallow, making it perfect for kids, and the other is rocky, making it ideal for snorkeling. 

Pallini Beach, Kassandra

Pallini Beach, Kassandra Beaches In Mainland Greece

Greece is full of magical beaches, and this is yet another gorgeous beach that cannot be missed during your trip to Greece. The beach is next to the Pallini Beach Hotel, which is open to guests and tourists. The beach is perfect as it has soft and smooth sand, which is perfect for relaxing. Plus, the water is clear and shallow, great for a dip. You can also go snorkeling and try out other water sports activities. Close to the beach, you will spot amazing restaurants and cafes along with a market, where you can go shopping for your friends and family. 

Glarocavos Beach, Kassandra

Glarocavos Beach, Kassandra In Mainland Greece

Glarocavos beach is a small beach that is filled with different kinds of fish, perfect for those who love snorkeling. It is an intimate beach with gorgeous blue waters making it a great place to spend your day away from the crowd, enjoying some water activities, including paragliding. 

Fakistra Beach, Pelion

Fakistra Beach, Pelion In Mainland Greece

Located 12-15km from the Mylokotomas beach, Fakistra beach is a treasure. Away from the hustle and bustle, this is a hidden paradise that will leave you mesmerized at first glance. It takes a little effort to reach the beach as there is no direct access. You need to go 15-minutes downhill to witness this treasure which can be challenging but worth the whack!

Kavourotrypes Beach, Halkidiki

Kavourotrypes Beach, Halkidiki In Mainland Greece

The beach may remind you of the Maldives or the Caribbean due to its appearance and tranquil water. Though the beach is a little hard to access due to the poor road conditions but still witnesses many travelers every year. The trail to the beach is very scenic as you pass through pine forests.

Armenistis Beach, Halkidiki

Armenistis Beach, Halkidiki In Mainland Greece

It is known as one of the most incredible beaches on Greece’s mainland, especially for nature enthusiasts. The beach is perfect for swimming due to its average temperatures and medium depth. You can relax at the beach, enjoy the cafes surrounding it and go shopping at the market next to the beach. 

Ammolofoi Beach, Kavala

Ammolofoi Beach, Kavala In Mainland Greece

The beach is located outside Kavala, which can be easily reached by road. The beach witnesses thousands of bathers due to its exotic greenish waters that attract families and youngsters. You can also explore the beach bars and restaurants located near the beach. It is a great place to relax and rewind while on your vacation.

Bella Vraka Beach, Syvota

Bella Vraka Beach, Syvota In Mainland Greece

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Among many gorgeous beaches in Greece, Bella Vraka Beach is yet another one. With shallow waters and a strip that separates the coast in smaller covers of exquisite beauty, this beach is a much-loved beach by many. The beach gives a feel of a lake more than a beach. It is one of the busiest beaches in the area.

Well, we hope you enjoyed the list of amazing beaches in mainland Greece. Apart from the above beaches, many more such hidden gems and magnificent spots still need to be explored and discovered.

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