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Best Airline to New York

Aug 4 , 2021 · 5 min read

We all want options in life and choosing an airline is no exception. When traveling from Canada, say Toronto to New York, which airline should you go for? what is the Best Airline to Fly to New York? What do you consider before making a traveling choice? For most, cost and flight time are the most poignant factors that impact their decision. Nevertheless, there is so much more to consider when making this decision, including baggage policy, seat design, elite status benefits, and customer service. 

 A good airline will have the right balance of all these features. Knowing the best airlines which meet your selection of features makes searching and settling for a flight much easier. If you have experience flying, you can probably recall how choosing an airline for the first flight meant so much more compared to now. For those who are starting out flying, these options will help you settle on an airline and book easier for your upcoming travel.

Let’s look at different options and choose Best Airline to Fly to New York

Travel to New York with the best airline

air canada

This is a four-star airline from the home country of Canada and the most popular airline among the nationals. Round trips are relatively cheaper on this airline. Air Canada allows for one carry-on bag and one personal item like a handbag. Any extra luggage is paid for depending on the package deal on your ticket, your frequency of travel with them, and your destination.

American airlines

American Airlines allows passengers to book tickets twelve months in advance through various booking platforms. The best days to go for tickets are when demand is relatively low, which is Wednesday and Thursday. Due to increased flight demand on the weekends, one may be required to pay a premium. 

klm Royal Dutch

It is one of the most successful airlines with the best customer ratings, and it is not hard to see why. The wait time is incredibly short, and the booking policy flexible. In the event you want to change your ticket, you would have to pay very little for it. The refund policy is quick, normally within two weeks, and you will certainly love how friendly the staff is. KLM Royal Dutch boasts of being clean, especially in the face of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Air France

Air France is a prestigious airline where customers get attentive service from all flight attendants. This airline gives customers value for their money. In case of flight delays, the crew promptly informs passengers to keep them comfortable. Booking of tickets is fast and efficient. It’s very rare to misplace customer goods, and should it happen, the follow-up is fast. There’s inflight entertainment, Wi-Fi, and connectivity for everyone despite the distance of their flight. Air France has been keen on implementing all Covid-19 Airline safety measures so  it is one of the Best Airline to Fly to New York.

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Travel airline


The Atlanta-based airline is reputed for offering excellent customer service and flexibility on customer issues. Through its customer service number, you can reach the airline for bookings. The airline is pretty flexible with no canceling fee for tickets. It also prides itself on keeping time most of the time.

Porter Airlines

Keeping to a schedule is one of the most important things to consider when booking an airplane. This airline is at the top of the list for offering a flexible cancelation policy and being pocket-friendly. Porter Airlines has above-average performance on both of these aspects. It is very advisable to travel with them because of adequate seating space as this guarantees you will be comfortable during the flight. Otherwise, a short trip might feel like forever. The check-in and boarding are also fast and efficient. 

United Airlines

Travel with United Airlines

United Airlines is one of the oldest and most established airlines. It offers a particularly clean environment for passengers even before the pandemic. Passengers get adequate legroom which enhances comfort. The airline has a generous travel rewards program, Mileage Plus, which allows customers to enjoy low fares and travel extra miles at a discount. 

Alaska Airlines

It is one of the airlines that has embraced the use of social media. This trend allows them to be reached by clients in their customer-first experience. The airline has excellent customer service from bag check-in to airplane crew. It is very clean and hygienic, which in the face of the COVID 19 pandemic is reassuring to clientele. At the check-in and boarding, passengers are well taken care of. Among the many good things going for this airline, having adequate legroom and seat comfort for passengers makes it a must use.

Cathay pacific

The Cathay pacific is not used as much in New York as it is in Hong Kong and other places in the region. Despite that, it is still an airline worth considering, especially for budget-seekers. Their well-trained in-flight crew ensures travel comfort and satisfaction by offering great customer service. The food is divine, and the drinks selection is satisfactory. The airline does not charge for cancellations on tickets. The airline also offers travel rewards and gift cards with higher customer loyalty from the resulting discounts.

Air travel to New York


Westjet has been serving travelers for over 20 years. Through the years, it has built a reputation of being customer-oriented. Westjet is the second-largest airline in Canada after Air Canada. It flies three cabins: business, premium, and economy, giving one a variety to choose from. The flight performance and its reputation have made it grow in popularity. For flights from Canada to New York, it has no layovers.  One is allowed 2 to 4 bags on a WestJet flight.

Austrian Airlines

Perhaps the most stand out feature of this airline is its exceptional range of fleets. The wide-bodied fleets offer two cabins: business and economy, while the narrow-bodied jets offer an all-economy class, which automatically makes them the cheaper option. Customers can conveniently upgrade their seats and seat selection through the customer service portal. Austrian Airlines lets you travel in comfort with extra legroom seats even in the economy class. It also offers other comforts and in-flight entertainment such as WI-FI, USB connections, and seats with bed functionalities.  The airline adheres to health guidelines during the pandemic: putting on masks and social distancing is mandatory.

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