Beautiful Beaches in Cozumel

Dec 29 , 2021 · 7 min read

The beautiful Mexican island of Cozumel is famous for excellent diving, underwater sculptures, and beautiful beaches. If you are heading to Cozumel for your next vacation, you can expect some sun-kissed time soaking up the rays and swimming in clear blue waters. 

Just what a tropical holiday is all about. To help you find your sandy paradise we have put together a long list of beautiful beaches in Cozumel in the Caribbean Sea. So let’s dive right in!

Punta Morena

Punta Morena Beautiful Beaches in Cozumel

For a beautiful stretch of sand that isn’t too packed with tourists, Punta Morena is the place to be. This pristine beach is a favourite for surfers and divers, but otherwise, you are likely to have the beach to yourself.

When the fresh ocean air gets your appetite going, lobster pizza and cocktails are waiting at Punta Morena Restaurant. This beach is considered safe for swimming, but the waves can get big at times. There isn’t a lifeguard on duty at this beach. The locals are friendly and welcome visitors to their favourite place on earth. 

Playa Bonita

Playa Bonita cozumel Beautiful Beaches in Cozumel

On the east coast of Cozumel, many travellers have discovered Playa Bonita and fell in love with the white sandy beach. It’s pretty, nice for swimming and not too crowded. There is a bar and restaurant so you can have some Mexican food for lunch or dinner with cocktails at sunset, of course. 

Not far from the beach, some interesting Mayan ruins are worth a visit, so factor in a few hours to see this amazing site before or after you go to relax at Bonita Beach.

Playa Chen Rio

Playa Chen Rio Beautiful Beaches in Cozumel

Another east coast beauty is Playa Chen Rio which has some big rocks set in the white sands. This beach usually has a lifeguard on duty, so it is great for swimming and snorkelling. There is a little rocky island not far from shore. This beach doesn’t get too busy, so Playa Chen Rio will suit you just fine if you like to worship the sun in peace. There is also a restaurant with excellent food and drinks. 

 Playa San Juan

Playa San Juan Beautiful Beaches in Cozumel

Playa San Juan is a pretty paradise in Cozumel, with lush palm trees lining the beach with huts and sun umbrellas to make your time comfortable. Snorkelers go to Playa San Juan to see the colourful coral and you can see it washed up on the beach sometimes too. 

There are shops, restaurants and cafes for supplies, food and drink as well as water sports including windsurfing. If you want to be really near this beach, there are endless accommodation options to fit all budgets. This beach is a gem and one of the most beautiful beaches in Cozumel.

Mr. Sanchos Beach

Mr. Sanchos Beach Beautiful Beaches in Cozumel

We loved the name before we even saw this Cozumel beach not far from San Miguel. Grab a day pass for access to swimming pools, bars and other facilities so you can laze in luxury. Let us know if you find out who Mr. Sanchos is as we are sure the locals have a good story to tell about the interesting name of this lovely beach.

Playa Palancar

Playa Palancar Beautiful Beaches in Cozumel

This beach belongs in the pages of a luxury travel magazine and if you like living the high life, this is your beach. Everything you need is here at the beach club, including fancy sun loungers with umbrellas, personalized service and turquoise waters.

It’s a tropical wonderland and everything you dream of when thinking of a Mexican vacation by the seaside. It’s hot with locals and tourists alike.

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Playa Corona

Playa Corona Beautiful Beaches in Cozumel

Welcome to Playa Corona, where you can have hours of blissful fun in the sun and the water because the diving and snorkelling conditions are excellent. When tourism first came to Cozumel, this was one of the first beaches the tourists arrived at, and it’s been a favourite ever since. 

It is safe for swimming and Chankanaab Reef just offshore is home to an abundance of bright fish and other sea life. Weekends can get busy at this beach.

Stingray Beach

stingray beach cozumel Beautiful Beaches in Cozumel

You can swim with stingrays at this beach, hence the name, as you might have guessed. Not far from the main city of San Miguel, this Cozumel beach also has paddle boarding and other water activities.

Enjoy some shrimp tacos and beers at the local bar that is frequented by the locals and tourists who don’t mind paying the entrance fee to the beach since it’s so picturesque.

Playa Mia Grand Beach Park

Playa Mia Grand Beach Park Beautiful Beaches in Cozumel

This is the biggest beach at Cozumel, so there are heaps to see and do and it’s always busy. You can go snorkelling and see an underwater Mayan city or play in the water park. This beach has wheelchair access. There are lots of resorts, shops and restaurants around this family-friend beach destination. Book a fun snorkel tour to see the colourful coral reefs, or take a thrilling jet boat ride to get the heart pumping. 

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Passion Island

Passion Island Beautiful Beaches in Cozumel

When it comes to beautiful beaches in Cozumel, this one is a winner. On the island, you can hire a jeep and drive around or stay on the sandy shores until it’s time to go back to the mainland. This secluded island is very photogenic and peaceful and should be prioritized as one to see during your summer cheap vacations

Dzul Ha

Dzul Ha Beautiful Beaches in Cozumel

Onto the west coast and we have Dzul Ha. This little place is well-known for its beautiful sunsets and scenic beach. Hit the Money Bar for light snacks, chill music and drinks and be sure to take some good shoes as the sand is mixed with pebbles and also has some large rocks which are fun to climb. 

Dzul Ha is easily one of the most beautiful beaches in Cozumel and if you find images of it online, you will see why.

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach Beautiful Beaches in Cozumel

This beach lives up to its name and you could say it’s tropical perfection as well as paradise. The calm waters make it a great beach if you are travelling with children and there is a beach club with all the amenities you need for a day in the sun. It’s worth the admission charge to have access to the facilities. 

You can also rent a range of water sports gear, including paddleboards, kayaks and snorkelling equipment. If you are new to water sports, why not book a lesson and learn how to navigate the blue waters like a pro? Let’s go to the beach!

Playa Uva Norte and Uva Sur

Playa Uva Norte and Uva Sur Beautiful Beaches in Cozumel

These two West Coast beaches merge and even the locals sometimes don’t know where one begins and the other ends. This means the beauty is endless. Lots of the big cruise ships offer kayak tours that come to these beaches, so you often see tourists paddling furiously to and from the sandy shores.

It is no wonder Playa Uva Norte and Uva Sur are two of the busier Cozumel beaches as both are simply stunning. The ocean water is crystal blue and warm and the sand stretches on for miles and miles. There is a beach club on Uva Sur with sunbeds and umbrellas. Not a bad place to hang out for a sunny afternoon. 

As you can probably tell, there are so many beaches in Cozumel to choose from. All of them are very beautiful and you might like to mix it up by visiting a secluded and remote beach one day and hitting a trendy and touristy beach the next day. 

city beach Beautiful Beaches in Cozumel

Then you will find your favourite one that you can’t stop going back to every day of your wonderful vacation. This isn’t even the complete list of Cozumel beaches. When you get there, you will discover more beaches that are glorious places to work on your tan.

Cozumel’s warm climate compliments the stunning beaches that millions of holidaymakers flock to every year. Some love water sports, others like to go diving and fishing, and many just enjoy the blissful hours in the sun doing nothing.

Take local currency, sunblock and stay well hydrated and safe as you enjoy the blissful beaches of Cozumel in sunny Mexico. We hope this article helps you find your happy place in Cozumel. 

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