All You Need to Know about Grouse Mountain Paragliding

Apr 28 , 2021 · 5 min read

Grouse mountain is part of the North Shore Mountains of the Pacific Ranges in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Candida. At 4,100 feet (1200 meters) at its highest point, it is the site for many high-altitude sports like skiing. The alpine ski area of the mountain is served by four chair lifts which makes the site accessible for paragliding which also needs an elevation

The one thing that makes grouse mountain perfect for outdoor activities is its accessibility from Vancouver. It is only 12 kilometres from Vancouver and convenient for local and traveling outdoor enthusiasts to get to.  But that’s not the only reason. Its proximity to the city combines with the feeling of being out in the wilderness at the mountain to deliver an epic environment to have fun. Grouse mountain has a thick forest with stunning natural beauty, awesome jump points, and in the winter, the whole mountain is covered in snow, making it one of the best places to ski or snowboard in Vancouver.  Paragliding takes over as the main activity when the mountain is not a skiing site in summer and dry seasons.

Mostly grouse mountain paragliding happens between June and September. 


If you skip taking the ride up the mountain on chair lifts, the hike up the mountain will bring you close to nature and improve the whole experience of the mountain. There is also an observation tower at the top of the massive wind turbine from where you can view the whole expanse of Grouse Mountain.

Paragliding is the biggest attraction at Grouse Mountain, and many people come here to experience free flights by themselves with the help of an experienced guide. If you love paragliding, you are probably also a massive fan of the outdoors. Grouse mountain delivers a perfect combination of both of them, and therefore it is understandable if you find yourself paragliding this mountain.

Tandem Grouse Mountain Paragliding

Grouse Mountain

Whether you are an expert paragliding pilot, a learner, or even if doing paragliding as a one-time event, Tandem paragliding is a rite of passage that you shouldn’t miss. On Grouse Mountain, paragliding begins immediately; the paragliding season opens at the end of June up to mid to late September. Some operators run professional paragliding services adhering to the highest standards of safety for anyone willing to try it.

The place receives consistent rave reviews, and the lack of incidents up the mountain is proof of the existing safety protocols. For example, every action the pilots take happens openly, and the passengers are part of the whole experience from start to finish. Passengers will also have input on the route taken by the pilot. All these improve passenger confidence, and with confidence comes fun and safety.

A tandem paragliding session is for you if you want a smooth, laid-back flight with just the right number of thrills to get you comfortable with flying. It also works well if you are flying with a friend. The quality of the experience is not watered down by any chance, and you will enjoy it just as much as you would on a solo flight. You use the same take-off and landing spots as the experienced pilots do. The only catch will be that now you have to think of two people landing instead of one—if you happen to be the pilot.

Paragliding for experienced pilots at grouse mountain

Experienced paragliders can jump off the peak of Grouse Mountain at 4000 feet and find themselves soaring as high as 6500ft above the ground shortly. This height gives you an unobstructed vantage point of Vancouver, Lions Gate bridge, Crown Mountain, and an opportunity to fly with some high-flying birds like the bald eagle. 

grouse mountain paragliding-1

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Grouse mountain resort has dedicated a clear spot near the chairlifts as the ideal take-off point. 

Teams like the Grouse Mountain flying team have made this home, and the resort allows them to fly from their property. Having professionals here means that pilots need to have adequate preparation and skill to take off from this point.

This skill is necessary because, in the course of the flight, the pilots have to avoid some obstacles and execute a perfect landing at the foot of the mountain at Cleveland Park. This does not mean the course is complex. Anyone with intermediate-level skills can paraglide well down the mountain. 


Anyone above rookie-level can safely be part of grouse mountain paragliding.  To start, register as a guest pilot, but if you want to be a permanent member. That’s totally up to you. Becoming a guest pilot is easy. All you need is to:

  • Be an intermediate level pilot (P3 rating)
  • Have a current and working HPAC insurance
  • Be recommended by two members of the Grouse Mountain Flying Team. They should be able to confirm your skill level 
  • Pay the guest fee that will take care of your landing zone costs
  • Have the right paragliding equipment in good condition. This will include a paraglider reserve parachute and helmet.

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