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8 Best Baecation Spots in USA 2022

Apr 8 , 2022 · 13 min read

When it’s time to get away with your love, there are so many baecation spots in the USA to visit. From the sunny shores of Hawaii to the glitz of Las Vegas to the serenity of Sedona, you can find somewhere amazing to spend quality time with your bae.

We have curated a list of the eight best baecation destinations in the USA. It’s time to take your love story on the road, or should we say to the air.

Book your cheap flights and find the perfect accommodation because it is time to turn on your vacation mode with your loved one.


Hawaii In The USA

Beautiful Hawaii is famous for the loving aloha spirit, epic surf, hula dancers, tropical flower leis, festive luaus, awe-inspiring volcanoes and refreshing waterfalls.

Let’s not forget the excellent food that is full of flavor, including kalua pork, lomi lomi salmon, poke and shaved ice.

Beach life is a big part of visiting Hawaii. The beaches in Hawaii are all beautiful with white sand, turquoise waters and the most epic sunrises and sunsets you have ever seen.

They are just as pristine as they look in the travel magazines and you can find remote beaches where you might be totally alone or busy beaches with lots of beach bars, deck chairs and vendors selling souvenirs.

Hawaii is one of our top romantic vacation spots in the USA.

As well as spending time on the sandy shores, Hawaii has volcanoes, lava fields and waterfalls to discover. Take a trek to see Kilauea Volcano where you can see lava boiling inside the huge crater.

There are so many waterfalls in Hawaii, so you can easily find one near wherever you are staying, or take a day trip if you want to see a spectacular one.

Many people say Big Island has the best waterfalls and many of them you can swim in, which is really refreshing after trekking through the forest, and it makes an amazing photo. 

You might want to rent a car and drive around with the freedom to stop whenever you find a scenic spot. They seem to be around every corner, so make sure you allow plenty of time for sightseeing.

Roaming around without set plans is sometimes one of the most adventurous ways to travel. Other days you can book tours, so you don’t need to think about logistics, timings or other details. 

The local hospitality in Hawaii is as warm as the weather. When it comes to the best baecation destinations in the USA, Hawaii already has love and the aloha spirit in the air, so there’s nowhere better to go.


Sedona In The USA

The desert town of Sedona is renowned for amazing red rock formations, spiritual enlightenment, beautiful wide-open spaces and quality hiking paths.

With hundreds of gorgeous walking trails with views of deep canyons and grand mountains, you will get your fit of exercise, inspiration and fresh air during your baecation.

Another wonderful way to see the vibrantly-colored landscapes of red rocks and mountains is a Red Rock Scenic Byway road trip stopping at the best viewpoints along the way.

Sedona is considered a spiritual wonderland and people believe there are energy vortexes in the area. Native Americans use the vortexes of concentrated spiritual energy for sacred ceremonies and rituals.

To explore this fascinating world of high vibrations and perhaps experience personal transformation, you can take a guided yoga and meditation class or have a healing session. Sedona deserves to be on our list of top baecation spots in the USA.

Don’t miss Montezuma Castle and Soldier’s Pass, including the Devil’s Kitchen sinkhole and the seven sacred pools. A hot air balloon ride is a recommended way to see Sedona from the air and worth getting up early for, not to mention the luxurious champagne picnic breakfast served when you land.

If you need a break from hiking the great outdoors, maybe have your aura read at Sedona Healing Arts and then head into town to go shopping for some Native American jewelry and art.

Tlaquepaque Arts And Shopping Village is a great place to pick up souvenirs and there are many art galleries too. In the evening, you can go stargazing by booking a sky tour with professional astronomers with power telescopes. 

Healthy food in Sedona is abundant and you can expect to be dining with a great view. Try cactus and rattlesnake and the best steaks in town at The Cowboy Club. For some authentic Mexican flavors, Elote Cafe has a menu that will make you feel hungry.

Wine tasting rooms are popular in Sedona, with the Verde Valley being the place to sample the vino.

Luxury resorts and fancy hotels are all over Sedona and after a long day of exploring the wilderness, you will love your air-conditioned room and a few hours in the spa to unwind. 


Florida In The USA

Take your boo to Florida, where the climate is warm all year round and you have theme parks galore if you want to be like kids again.

Of course, the beaches are amazing for swimming, surfing and soaking up the sun. It’s not called the Sunshine State for nothing!

Here are some of our top picks for nice beaches in Florida which is one of our top baecation spots in the USA.

Florida has something for everyone, even space enthusiasts who have to visit the Kennedy Space Center. The Hemingway Home and Museum and the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument are stops for history buffs.

 Of course, there are plenty of art galleries, boutique shops, malls and parks to explore, along with many romantic restaurants so you can share some intimate meals together.

Whether you are there for a few days or can get a week away, Florida is a wonderful place for couples. Spare plenty of time to hang out with your boo in Florida because you will be busy bees for sure!

New Orleans

New Orleans In The USA

Let’s get this party started in New Orleans, where you have a vibrant entertainment scene and outstanding dining experiences rich with the flavors from France, Africa, and the USA.

Shopping, luxury experiences and lots of music sounds like the perfect baecation time.

Often referred to as the “Big Easy,” New Orleans often has parades, street parties and live entertainment in public spaces. The atmosphere is always full of high vibes and fun.

There are plenty of fun outdoor activities for couples too. How about kayaking along Bayou Saint John with a guided tour or paddling solo if you prefer.

It is also easy to rent bikes and cycle your way around town to see the interesting architecture and chat with the friendly locals. Wander around New Orleans City Park and take photos of the sculptures and have a picnic.

Golf is big in New Orleans with many excellent courses to tee off on and if you are looking for something different, swamp tours are popular. You can paddle through the swamp or zip line over it and learn all about the local wetland ecosystem as you go.

A dinner cruise on a steamboat can be the perfect start to a romantic evening. Cruise down the Mississippi River and admire the lights, then enjoy a delicious meal with some live music. You will probably be in the mood to hit Bourbon Street when you get back.

The party street is open every night and goes until late. Day jazz cruises are also a fun way to spend time together and even if your boat takes the same path as you experienced at nighttime, the scenery looks totally different. 

New York

New York In The USA

The Big Apple is filled with Broadway shows, art galleries and museums, and tourist attractions like the Statue of Liberty and Central Park to visit. Shop till you drop on 5th Avenue and then hit Times Square for more shopping before dinner at Tim Ho Wan on Ninth Avenue.

Getting around the different areas of New York is easy with taxis, buses and subways all over the city. You can also walk with many of the major landmarks in close proximity to each other. You will notice New York is a stylish city from the moment you arrive.

From the high fashion to the fancy interiors and high-tech facilities, you know you have hit a modern city. It is reflected in the accommodation too, with chic lofts, high-end hotels and lots of trendy dogs to choose from. 

Don’t forget the Empire State Building and Central Park and you can’t leave without seeing a Broadway show. The Phantom of the Opera, The Lion King, Hamilton and Moulin Rouge are all iconic shows that make the perfect date night during your New York vacation.

Times Square at night is a highlight with bright lights, music, and interesting people around. There is so much to do in the vibrant city of New York, so make sure you plan your days carefully to maximize your time. It will all be over in a New York minute.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas In The USA

Care to paint the town red with your love? Las Vegas is one of the best baecation destinations in the USA. After you check into your luxury hotel that has a casino attached, you can cruise the Strip to see the flashing lights, entertaining bars and clubs and shopping galore.

Good luck playing Black Jack and the poky machines, but never mind if you don’t win because you’ve already hit the jackpot by being on vacation with your boo. 

Another evening walk to The Mirage Hotel and Casino to witness the man-made volcano erupt and catch a show featuring a world-class act like Lady Gaga or Cher. It’s not just city life on offer in Vegas, although it is the major attraction for many.

You might be surprised to know Las Vegas has excellent walking trails and hiking areas just out of the city center. Living the high life or getting back to nature in Vegas, it’s our bet you will have the best vacation ever!

Hotel rooms in Las Vegas are totally lux and if you are away with your bae, you will want to spend plenty of time enjoying each other’s company. Spacious rooms, big comfortable beds, high-tech features and stunning city views are easy to find.

Many hotels have spas with couple’s therapy rooms so you can get your bliss together. Take advantage of romantic, dimly lit restaurants, enjoy a candlelit meal, or sit at the hotel bar and sample some of the barman’s cocktail recommendations.

It will be a fantastic time and you will be planning your next Vegas getaway before you know it.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles In The USA

Our favorite South California city, where all the movie stars live, is Los Angeles. Your bae will be super excited to hear you are off to LA for a vacation.

See the famous Hollywood sign, go shopping on Hollywood Boulevard, see the Walk of Fame and tour Warner Brothers. You can find a great hotel for couples with all the luxuries you desire like a jacuzzi in the room, swimming pool, spa and fine dining.

The Venice Canals are a romantic spot for couples. The canals were created in 1905 by Abbot Kinney, who drew inspiration from Italy. Follow the scenic walking paths to have nice views of the colorful homes and pretty waterways. 

Devote entire days to unique neighborhoods like Venice with its great beach and a scenic boardwalk. Zuma Beach and Santa Monica Pier and Beach are also pretty places to hang out and get some sun.

Go shopping on Rodeo Drive, or maybe just window shopping to see gorgeous creations for sale in Cartier and Louis Vuitton. There are endless things to see and do in LA.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon In The USA

Grand Canyon National Park, in Arizona, is one of the best-known parks in America. This vast canyon that covers 270 miles often appears in travel magazines and blogs, attracting adventurous souls who want to hike the trails leading to the north and south rims.

The most iconic viewpoints are Mather Point and Yavapai Observation Station. For sunrise and sunset, Lipan Point is a popular spot to be.

The Colorado River runs through the Grand Canyon National Park and it is a fun and bonding experience to go whitewater rafting with your bae. If you prefer to stay on land, scenic walking trails will draw you in with plenty of gorgeous spots to take selfies and landscape images for your photo album.

If you want to treat your bae to a special surprise, arrange a helicopter or small plane ride over the canyon. It is a moment they will never forget. You might even be inspired to pop the question if you are not already married. It is a beautiful place to get engaged!

The Grand Canyon can be harsh, so if you are not experienced hikers, you might want to book a guide to stay safe and also be educated about this fascinating corner of the map at the same time.

Always make sure you have dressed appropriately, have plenty of food and water and be safe. 

We are blessed with so many beautiful baecation spots in the USA including natural areas, charming towns and urban cities. Whatever your travel style is, you can board a flight and zip across the country to a place that is totally different from where you live.

When it comes to the best baecation destinations in the USA, we could go on for pages. We hope these eight destinations get you excited about booking a trip with your partner to mark your anniversary, celebrate a birthday, or spend some time together because it’s been a while since your last vacation.

Book your accommodation and flights first, check the weather and pack accordingly, leaving plenty of space in your suitcase for shopping. Send us a postcard from your best baecation spots in the USA.

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