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There is no exquisite beauty that does not have strange proportions, and for the Eiffel tower, this couldn’t be truer. Once thought of as an eyesore, it has become the ultimate symbol for Paris. If you are not an admirer of the sheer size, then you definitely love the latticework, the bright light, or what this incredible structure means to Paris. We get it, it is very attractive, and it is understandable if you want to have a view of the Eiffel tower from your hotel suite.  Lucky for you, if you are looking for a hotel in Paris, we have a host of 5 star hotels near the Eiffel tower that will fulfill your romantic, business, and leisure needs. Here is our rundown.

⭐ Shangri La Hotel

Shangri La Hotel

At 0.38 miles from the Eiffel tower, it is among the closest hotels to the Eiffel tower. That’s not all. It has a rich history, having been a residence for Prince Roland Bonaparte, a relative to Napoleon. The sheer palatial scale makes it a prestigious hotel in Paris you will want to stay in. You have to see it to believe it, but 60% of the suites have a view of the Eiffel, and you can go to the balconies to have a clearer view. It is a rich cultural and historic district with Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris and Palais de Tokyo being within walking distance.

The luxury here is uncompromising, and you will love the crystal chandeliers, polished marble, rich atmosphere, and impeccable service.

⭐ Le Cinq Codet

The Le Cinq Codet may appear modernist, but it is indeed a renovated telephone exchange given a luxury makeover. Once you peel back the wrap-around façade, you are left with a calm, luxurious hotel within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower. This hotel in Paris is among the few 5-Star accommodations less than a mile from the Eiffel Tower—it is only 0.66 miles away. Taking on Jean-Philippe Nuel’s design, the interiors are tastefully furnished and artfully decorated to match the aura of the upmarket 7th arrondissement.

Wood textures, photos, and historic paintings adorn the hotel, but perhaps it’s the quiet luxury that appeals to many of its guests.

 It may feel fussy about being stylish, but it works. There are plenty of suites to pick from, and what makes it worth it are the views of the Eiffel Tower and Les Invalides

⭐ Hotel de Sers

Hotel de Sers

The Hotel de Sers is an upscale luxury boutique romantic hotel set near the Champs-Elysees 8th arrondissement.

It is the perfect address for business and leisure, and the contemporary style just flows with the nature of the Champs-Elysees district, affording you a discreet atmosphere to relax in.

 It has spaces that can be rented out for occasions. The hotel’s bars are open throughout, and it goes without saying that the food is authentic French. The suites are a holy mix of the contemporary and traditional as this was the city residence for Marquis de Sers. After a remodeling of the roof, the two top floors have sweeping views of Paris from the Eiffel Tower to Sacre Couer. Even when you decide to stay indoors, there is a 70-foot-long gallery with portraits celebrating the hotel’s rich heritage. The interiors were redesigned by legendary designer Thomas Vidalenc giving it a contemporary feel.

⭐ Hôtel Eiffel Trocadéro

If you are looking for a small cozy 5-star hotel in Paris, look no further. With a 17-room capacity, the Hôtel Eiffel Trocadéro feels intimate enough to feel like a home because of the relaxed atmosphere everywhere. Because it is really small, you can know the staff by first names just like you would at home. What’s good about it is that it embraces its history and ties it in with the modern.

It has also acquired its eco-sustainable vibe, which shows from the interior vegetal gardens, and it became one of the first hotels in Paris to be recognized for the same. You can get suites with views of the velvety façade of Palais de Chaillot, the tip of the Eiffel Tower, and even the place it is named after – The Place de Trocadéro.

The Hôtel Eiffel Trocadéro is a hotel of distinct style, and from the Eiffel Suite, you can see the distant tower and its visitors from a telescope.

⭐ Hotel La Bourdonnais

Hotel La Bourdonnais

Beautiful is the first word that comes to mind when you see the Hotel La Bourdonnais.  If you love a façade with sprinkles of red geraniums and massive Eiffel tower views, this is the place to be. It just oozes Paris vibes, and the moment you step under its canopied entrance, it all clicks. It is only a short stroll from the École Militaire military training school, but it is also in close proximity to brasseries and a metro station at one end of the Parc du Champ de Mars.

If you are a romantic of the Eiffel Tower, this 5-star resort is intimately decorated with curios and art to match the 18th-century charm of the Eiffel tower.

It is an affordable hotel in Paris that will tick many of your boxes about a hotel near the Eiffel, and you can even find single rooms—quite uncharacteristic of high-end hotels.

⭐ Hotel du Champ de Mars

Just a short walk from the Eiffel Tower is another small hotel in Paris worth your consideration. The Hotel du Champ de Mars is a small boutique hotel with a 25-room capacity that sports tasteful classic Parisian country décor and an enchanting exterior with window flower boxes and an excipient steel grey paint job.  

Just a short walk from the Eiffel Tower is another small hotel in Paris worth your consideration. The Hotel du Champ de Mars is a small boutique hotel with a 25-room capacity that sports tasteful classic Parisian country décor and an enchanting exterior with window flower boxes and an excipient steel grey paint job.

If you love eating outside, the street is filled with plenty of cafes and shopping.  The interior is also made to fit the exterior, with the classic rooms matching every detail you would expect down to the quilted beddings. It is one of the few small hotels that still operate in millennial Paris, and if you get a chance to stay here, don’t skip it. It’s worth the time and the money.

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