4 St.Barts Beaches Where You Can Relax Like A Movie Star

Oct 11 , 2022 · 8 min read

You never know who you might see on the beaches of Saint Barthélemy. When it comes for the rich, famous, and influential high flyers, there are always beautiful bodies on the shores of St Barts. They go for the gorgeous beaches, facilities, services, dining, and shopping that are all easily accessible on this lovely Caribbean island. The European influence on this island, often compared to a tropical version of France, also draws in the wealthy holidaymakers who usually arrive on luxury yachts and jets. 

So, here are the top 4 St. Barts beaches where you can chill and relax like a movie star.

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four standout beaches in St Barths

t’s not easy to name the best ones, but here are four standout beaches in St Barths. These are beaches you can relax like a movie or rock star. So pack your best bikini, shades, and maybe your binoculars as you get ready to hit the beaches of St Barts.

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St Jean Beach

The beautiful beach of St. Jean

The beautiful mile-long stretch of St. Jean Beach is always busy with sun lovers who appreciate its central island location, stunning white sand, and ease of enjoying the beach life with many amenities. If you want to hit the beach for an hour of sun worshipping or spend the whole day there, you can stay comfortable and happy at St. Jean Beach.

The concentration of beautiful people is notable, and the mix is diverse, with families, solo travelers, couples, and groups flocking to the pretty crescent-shaped beach. Everything you need is there, making it an attractive beach forever traveler.

Watching the planes taking off and landing at the nearby airport goes hand in hand with people watching and celeb spotting. You can swim, enjoy water sports, dine at beachfront bars and restaurants, and even shop at St. Jean Beach. Zip away for some retail therapy or your spa appointment and be back in time for sunset.

St. Jean Beach is home to well-known beach restaurants, including Sand Bar at Eden Rock and Nikki Beach. There is always a trendy crowd at those places and many of the others along the sandy beach.

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There are also many hotels on the beachfront, so if you want to stay on St. Jean Beach, book a room at Pearl Beach Hotel or Les Ilets de la Plage, with new brands popping up on the prime spot on St Barts all the time. 

The beach is divided into two areas by the Eden Rock peninsula. For the calmest water, which is suitable for snorkeling, the eastern side is best if you are traveling with children or not confident in swimming. On the western side is a larger stretch of beach with more waves making it ideal for water sports like windsurfing. 

Shell Beach

Beautiful shells on the beach

This lovely beach is even more centrally located than St. Jean Beach. Within walking distance to the capital’s main shopping area, you can jump out of the water, head to Gustavia for a new sarong or book, and be back in those calm azure waters in no time. 

If you are wondering how the beach got its name, you might guess it’s covered in shells. The sand is covered in masses of tiny shells, which are crunchy and pretty and unique from other St. Barts beaches on the island.

The locals make the most of this natural feature, such as Shellona, a pumping restaurant on the beach that serves up delicious seafood dishes and tropical cocktails. With live music at sunset on the weekends, beachgoers gravitate towards this beach-themed bar and restaurant.

Shell Beach is a scenic spot among all other St. Barts Beaches that is always busy with locals and tourists who love the blend of ease and beauty you find there. From early morning strolls to lunchtime feasts to sunset cocktails as you watch the luxury yachts return to shore, Shell Beach is one place you can live like a movie star in St Barts.

Colombier Beach

Colombier Beach to sunbathe

It takes a little more effort to reach Colombier Beach, and due to the location, it is quieter. So if you prefer to have your privacy like many movie stars, Colombier Beach could be your favorite one.

In some places, the walk is challenging, so for children, the elderly, and people with mobility issues, it’s not recommended. It would help if you also had good shoes as some areas are rocky. Early mornings or late afternoons are pleasant when it’s not too hot. Also, arrive prepared with your food and drinks, shade, and water sports gear because Colombier Beach doesn’t have any hotels, restaurants, restrooms, or shops. It is ideal for romantic picnics, quiet sun sessions, and peaceful nature walk.

For a nice aerial view of Colombier Beach, drive to the viewpoint which overlooks Flamand, Petite Anse, and Colombier beaches. The views are stunning. From here you can hike down to the beach by following the little path where you might meet a wild goat grazing. There is another lookout point halfway down which is worth another photo and you can even see St. Maarten on a clear day.

Eventually, you will reach a clearing that goes to the sandy beach and clear blue water. You will be diving straight into cool off and appreciate the effort made to get this hidden gem of a beach. You can also go from Flamand Beach for a walk which is a little easier. 

Toiny Beach

Toiny Beach for relaxation

You don’t need to be a hobby or pro surfer to appreciate the laidback surfy atmosphere at Toiny Beach, but it’s not recommended for swimming unless you are an extremely strong swimmer. You can relax on the sand and watch skilled surfers catch the best waves as you enjoy the warm sun.

The Toiny Beach Club is a great place for food and drink. It is inside the Le Toiny Hotel and welcomes outside guests for a leisurely lunch or afternoon of cocktails. You can use their swimming pool and restrooms if dining. If driving a rental car, you can park in the hotel car park and catch a shuttle to the beach, and parking around the beach if you are lucky.

This beach is not as busy as the others, but still stunningly gorgeous. It can get windy at times, but for the quieter scene, it’s a winner. You can relax without a care in the world and live in the moment of being in one of the most exquisite places on earth. 

More beaches to check out in St Barts

Swimming at the beach

It is debatable which is the best St Barts beaches. Besides our pick for the top four, many others are gorgeous. Here are some names to watch out for because they are worth exploring.

Now you know where to go for popping champagne with your toes in the sand of St Barts beaches. You can live the high life, too, during blissful beach days in Saint Barts. As an added bonus, you might see Miranda Kerr, Beyonce, or some exotic birds, starfish, or turtles. Remember the sunblock because the sun is harsh in the Caribbean. Even with sun protection, you will have an impressive glowing tan by the time you return home.

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