20 Amazing Beaches in Havana Cuba

Jun 10 , 2022 · 21 min read

The beaches in and around Havana are gorgeous with soft sand, clear water and that dreamy climate Cuba is famous for.

Here are 20 amazing beaches in Havana Cuba that you might like to explore, but having time to visit them all might involve some serious beach hopping.

Playa Bacuranao

Amazing Beaches

It is great that you can take a short drive from the heart of the city and have feet in the sand. Playa Bacuranao is one of those that is easy to reach from downtown Havana in less than 30 minutes.

With white sand and crystal clear waters, this pristine stretch of beach is one of the prettiest on our long list of amazing beaches in Havana Cuba.

It does get crowded on the kilometer-long beach since many locals have the same idea to grab some rays at the beach and still get back to home or work and the tourists love it too.

Weekends naturally are the busiest so perhaps save Bacuranao Beach, which is lined with coconut trees, for the weekdays when it’s a little bit quieter.

You might see dive groups at Playa Bacuranao. They will be headed to the wreck site, which is also near a stunning cave system that is accessible to divers.

There are plenty of dive schools and companies in and around Havana if you want to explore this site or many other gorgeous spots around Cuba.

If you don’t already know, Playa translates to the beach.So Playa Bacuranao means Bacuranao Beach.

By the end of your vacation, your Spanish language skills will be much improved and you might even be able to say, “I love Havana Cuba beach life,” by the time you have to go home. 

Playa Varadero

Playa Varadero Havana Cuba Beaches

Varadero Beach is famous for azure waters and white sand, so it’s no wonder sun seekers flock there every day of the week.

Nicknamed Blue Beach, there are actually a collection of beaches in this area that are classed as Varadero. Together they cover over 20 km and that is a big stretch of paradise.

You can discover all-inclusive luxury hotels, water sports, quiet areas and bars selling Cuban rum and other exotic cocktails.

Rent a jet ski, go snorkeling, swim or plan a windsurfing lesson with an instructor who will have you looking like a pro in no time.

You can be as busy as your wish or simply chill out on the sand. There are also rows of deck chairs with umbrellas for rent, so you can relax in style. Whatever your vacation vibe is, Playa Varadero has you covered.

Don’t forget your sun protection or avoid the hottest hours of the day which is from 11 am to 3 pm. Don’t underestimate the power of the Cuban sunshine, even if you already have a tan.

Slap that sunblock on like it is going out of fashion and drink lots of water to stay hydrated. It’s so easy to get carried away having fun in the sun and forget those common sense travel tips.

Playa Tarara

Playa Tarara Havana Cuba Beaches

Welcome to Tarara Beach, one of the gems in our collection of amazing Havana Cuba beaches.

Many locals will point you in the direction of this popular beach that is less than 20 km from the city and often, the people who live in a place know best.

 Follow their advice and you will find yourself at Tarará, a gated resort town in Habana del Este. It is well worth a visit.

Look for the abandoned amusement park which has been left in ruins and seek out Cafe Vintage if you want an interesting place to enjoy a coffee.

Within the Playas del Este area and beside the Tarará River, you will be snapping lots of photos and videos of this stunning sun spot.

There is easy access to many restaurants, a shopping center, a bar and a marina, so you can wander around exploring before or after you hit the beach.

A beach this glorious calls for a beach party, so gather your gang and have the best time ever at Playa Tarara. It is especially beautiful at sunrise and sunset but also blissfully bright and blue during the daytime.

Just cover all your bases and stay at Playa Tarara for the entire day.

Playa Megano

Playa Megano Havana Cuba Beaches

Nestled between Tarará and Santa María del Mar, you find the beautiful Playa Megano.

Popular with locals and tourists who appreciate the sand dunes dressed in foliage and coconut trees, it is usually buzzing. Otel Villa Megano does a roaring trade with beach goers dropping by for drinks and food between blissful dips in the ocean and beach strolls.

Only about 20 km from Havana city’s downtown area, it’s an easy beach to head to any time of the day.

With crystal-blue waters and pristine sand, it’s one of the nicest stretches of shoreline around.

Great for families with kids who want to build sand castles, for honeymooners looking for a romantic spot at sunset and for fitness junkies needing a place for a jog, this beach is amazing for everyone.

Get there early to avoid the crowds or make the most of the best part of the day, which is late afternoon. As the sun goes down, the light is lovely and it’s not too hot.

This golden hour when there is hopefully a gentle ocean breeze never gets old. It’s also an amazing time to get stunning video footage and nice photos.

Playa del Chivo

Playa del Chivo Havana Cuba Beaches

Wanderlust travelers who find their way to Playa del Chino will be in their happy place the moment they arrive. Beach days never looked better on this scenic beach that isn’t too crowded.

Pack a picnic lunch loaded with Cuban flavors and rum-infused punch and set up underneath the shade of a palm tree. Let the hours slip by as you bask in the sun and swim in the cool ocean waters that will leave you feeling relaxed and invigorated. 

This beach is popular with locals and tourists who want to be close to Havana City but still experience some blissful days sunning on the beach.

Playa de las Hermanitas

Playa de las Hermanitas Havana Cuba Beaches

Sun-drenched Playa de las Hermanitas makes our list of the 20 most amazing beaches in Havana Cuba. It’s easy to see why when you get there.

What awaits is glassy-looking blue water that is warm and refreshing, pristine sand and an atmosphere of chill-out beach vibes.

A beach day makes a nice contrast to Havana with its historic architecture, street music, bustling crowds and lively atmosphere.

Dive into the water for a leisurely swim and enjoy the salty water or take your snorkeling gear to explore the underwater world.

This nice beach isn’t too crowded most of the time, so it makes a nice place for families or those seeking a quiet beach to relax and unwind.

The local area around the beach is also scenic, so you might want to walk around after you’ve had your fix of sun and explore the surroundings of Playa de las Hermanitas before going back to your accommodation.

Playa Veneciana

Playa Veneciana Havana Cuba Beaches

Not far from Guanabo, La Veneciana awaits with dreamy conditions for sunbathing and swimming.

Part of the Playas del Este area, this beach is only 800 meters long. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in natural beauty and privacy.

Favored by fishermen who are onto the catch of the day and locals who live nearby the beach, it is also known to some travel-savvy tourists.

But due to its petite size, it hasn’t been featured on so many travel blogs and magazines, so keep the secret that we are sharing and you will be delighted with your private paradise.

Also nice for families with children due to the chilled atmosphere, we say Playa Veneciana is one of the best.

Lorenzo's Seaview

Lorenzo's Seaview Havana Cuba Beaches

Lorenzo’s Seaview is just 10 km away from the center of Havana, making it easy to plan an impromptu beach day if you are staying in the city.

Just pack your beach bag and hail a taxi and you can be at Lorenzo’s Seaview in less time than it takes you to drink a rum cocktail. There is also plenty of parking if you are driving your own car. 

Expect crystal-clear turquoise water and clean sand that makes you want to jump straight into the water. Some of the beach has access restricted to hotel guests.

It is fairly safe for swimming and there is also a lifeguard on duty during busy months. Enjoy sunbathing, swimming and strolls on the beach from sunrise to sundown.

Food and drinks are available at the little beach bar that is a magnet for hungry and thirsty beach dwellers. 

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Playa Jaimanitas

Playa Jaimanitas Havana Cuba Beaches

Pack your camera in the beach bag along with all the summer essentials like a good book, sunblock, water and a towel, then head to Playa Jaimanitas for a beautiful day at the beach.

Just 42 km from the city center, it’s an easy hop from downtown to sand town.

The soft-sand beach is great for swimming and you can meet all kinds of people there, from locals catching a quick sun break to international travelers on journeys far from home.

Never too crowded, it’s a peaceful place with plenty of nearby amenities including restaurants, bathrooms with changing rooms and water sports. 

Playa de Este

Playa de Este Havana Cuba Beaches

This beach is the big daddy of all the Havana Cuba beaches, being the most famous and largest with 9 km of gorgeous coast to enjoy.

There are actually several other beaches within the Playa de Este area, including the beautiful Santa María del Mar.

From Havana city, you can catch a taxi and be there within 20 minutes. Spend an hour or stay the entire day if beach life is your vibe. You can always head back to your resort room for a rest and hit the beach again later.

Be ready for crowds, especially during weekends and holidays. This beach is no hidden gem and almost everyone will know it even after a few days of landing in Cuba.

You will instantly fall in love with the way the ocean waves roll onto the beach.

White sandy shores are picturesque. When you have had enough vitamin E, you don’t have far to go to towns, shopping, hotels and anything else you might need during your sunny vacation. 

Playa Hollywood

Playa Hollywood Havana Cuba Beaches

It sounds a bit glamorous so put your best swimsuit on and any fancy beach accessories you’ve saved for a sunny day.

Close to Caleta Manteca and Ensenada Bufadero, this beach is fit for the stars. Not to be confused with Hollywood Beach in Florida, this beach is just what you need for your vacation in Havana.

Go early in the morning for a swim in the ocean that has great visibility and is good for swimming.

It’s also a nice beach for a brisk walk or run if you want to get your workout done first thing in the morning.

By mid-morning, you can expect this beach area to be picking up with travelers and local visitors, making the most of the warm day.

Splash around in the water to cool off and don’t be surprised if this beach becomes one of your favorites during your stay in Cuba.

Head back around sunset to see a new perspective of the beach and we think you might agree this is the prettiest time of day.

As the sun goes down on another perfect day, you only have to decide if you will return the next day or try another beautiful Cuban beach from our list. There are plenty to choose from, with the very best ones featured on our list.

Playa de Santa Fe

Playa de Santa Fe Havana Cuba Beaches

This charming beach is a favorite for travelers who go back year after year. Playa de Santa Fe is a little rocky with blue water that seems to sparkle in the sunlight.

You could easily spend the whole day lazing on the shores of this exquisite beach near Havana in Cuba. Paddle out into the shallow waters or swim out into the deep, then lay in the sun to dry off before taking an afternoon siesta.

A good book and some music will be all you need for a long and lazy beach day at Playa de Santa Fe.

Cuba is famous for its beaches, with almost 3,500 miles of coastline and over 400 beaches.

Just in the Havana area alone, it is surprising there are so many. It is hard to choose the best one, but we say Playa de Santa Fe has to be in the running.

This easy access spot is family-friendly, photogenic and has really impressive snorkeling conditions. Put it on your list of try-to-visit beaches and if you make it there, don’t forget to take lots of photos. 

Mar Azul Playa

Mar Azul Playa Havana Cuba Beaches

It translates to Blue Beach and this is the sandy place you’ve been yearning for all winter. So get ready to perfect your tan on the beaches of Cuba and zone into Mar Azul Playa as soon as you arrive.

Shallow water makes it ideal for swimming and snorkeling. You can also find water sports with windsurfing being popular on the scenic beach.

When it comes to amazing beaches in Havana Cuba, this one deserves to be on your travel radar.

Look for drone footage online of this amazing beach. From the air, it looks stunning but equally as wow-worthy when you are walking along with your bare feet in the sand.

Sea and sun life is best in Cuba from May to September, but November to February or March are also lovely months to visit.

The sandy shores are packed on weekends and during Cuba’s holiday season, which goes from July to August.

Playa Santa María del Mar

Playa Santa María del Mar Havana Cuba Beaches

Santa María del Mar, is the largest and most well-known Havana beach thanks to its powdery sand, cool blue water and being featured in many travel publications, Instagram feeds and other online places.

You will soon have your own photo to post on social media and it will probably include you holding an ice cold drink with a big smile on your face. This is your vacation mode and it’s never looked better.

Part of the Playas del Este beach area, this stunning beach goes on for 3-4 kilometers with big hotels, fancy stores and restaurants along the way.

You can have some retail therapy to go along with your beach day and dine on fresh seafood and Cuban flavors whenever you desire.

Grab some beverages at the little stands or from a beach vendor who might offer you fresh fruit too. It’s nice to give a tip to these hard-working vendors who are working in the sun all day long.

All tips are always greatly appreciated in US dollars or Cuban pesos.

The hop-on, hop-off bus tour that goes through Old Havana makes a stop at Santa Maria del Mar.

It departs from Parque Central every half hour. If you are getting back to your hotel on the bus, be ready to catch the last one at 6 pm.

It will take about an hour to get back due to the many stops, so a taxi would be faster if you are feeling tired after that big day of beach action.

On the other hand, you might be well-rested if you spent the day lying on the sand. The bus is cheaper than a taxi too.

Playa Boca Ciega

Playa Boca Ciega Havana Cuba Beaches

Don’t miss Playa Boca Ciega, which has the Boca Ciega River flowing into the ocean. If you have already discovered Santa María del Mar, you can talk a stroll and soon reach Boca Ciega Beach.

It’s only about one km long, but this is heaven on earth. When it comes to the most amazing Havana Cuba beaches, we had to mention our charming seaside spot called Playa Boca Ciega.

The palm trees swaying in the breeze, scenic sand dunes and laid-back beach vendors selling their wares make this the beach you were imagining when you were anticipating your vacation.

There are also restaurants with great food that are quite affordable compared to what you might pay at your resort (unless you are staying in an all-inclusive resort, like some of the 5 star family resorts).

Even if you have all your food and drink included in your room, it’s sometimes nice to taste some dishes created by a new chef.

Also, everything tastes better when you have the sea air blended in with the Cuban flavors that you will sample and grow to love.

If you are yearning for a blue sky or perhaps some cloud cover to make your sunbathing sessions less intense, look for Playa Boca Ciega. It’s a gem of a beach with good swimming conditions and clean sand.

Parking is easy to find and there are loungers to rent. There is usually a lifeguard on duty at this beach, so you can feel safe to swim, although swimming with someone else is always recommended if possible. 

Playa Guanabo

Playa Guanabo Havana Cuba Beaches

Another gorgeous beach near downtown Havana is Guanabo Beach which is over four km long. This beach ticks all the boxes when it comes to amazing Havana Cuba beaches.

A chilled out zone for beach bums who want to soak up plenty of sun during their vacation, Guanabo Beach is a winner.

There are plenty of nice hotels and Airbnbs near the beach so you can relax in your room and hop to the beach several times a day.

Take a beach towel and bags packed with essentials like sunblock and a good book and your perfect afternoon is set.

The seaside town of Guanabo is great for shopping, including souvenirs and there are restaurants and cafes, so you fuel up between beach sessions.

This beach in the Playas del Este area is clean, safe and glorious for taking photos.

If you want to really make everyone back home envious of your tropical vacation, why not book a professional photo shoot.

Have fashion photos taken in your newest swimsuit or a family session to document what fun the whole family had frolicking on this pretty beach near Havana.

Those precious vacation memories can be preserved to look back on any time you miss being on holiday. Frame those best beach shots and put them on the wall and give them as gifts if someone special has a birthday coming up.

Playa Jibacoa

Playa Jibacoa Havana Cuba Beaches

For adventurous souls who like those hidden beaches on off-the-beaten paths, let us introduce Playa Jibacoa.

You need to make a bit more effort to reach this one, but once there, you have some great activities to dive into like swimming, snorkeling, horse riding on the beach and even hiking.

So how do you get there if it’s hard for the average person to stumble upon? It is about 50 km from Havana downtown and you can catch a public bus from Old Havana to Santa Cruz del Norte several times a day.

From there, hail a local taxi to Jibacoa Beach. Or, if your budget is flexible, you could catch a taxi all the way from your hotel or resort to the beach.

Make sure you arrange your ride back because this beach might not have any taxis waiting to take you home.

Pack a picnic lunch with drinks, take everything you might need and have the best day ever at the beach with the blue-toned water and perfect sand!

If you adore this amazing beach area, there are quaint accommodation options, including family-owned hotels and bed and breakfast-style rooms.

Sometimes it’s nice to stay close to your favorite beach. If you can step out of your room and walk to the beach and wander between both places at will, your life is effortless and simple – exactly how every vacation should be!

Playa Trópico

Playa Trópico Havana Cuba Beaches

Part of the magic of Cuba is it is sunny all year round. You can escape your country’s cold months and be in sunny paradise whenever you like.

Cuba sits close to the equator, blessing it with that desirable weather all the time.

After a morning of discovering the Cuban capital, it is time to hit the beach for some rest and relaxation.

Welcome to Playa Tropico. The name gives it away – this is a tropical beach complete with soft, salty sand and fresh blue water.

With clear waters, this is a good place to try some underwater photography. Rent an underwater camera from a local dive shop or buy one, especially for your trip, if you think this might be a serious new hobby.

Look out for colorful fish and other sea life and take creative pictures and videos of your travel companion having the time of their life.

Playa El Salado

Playa El Salado Havana Cuba Beaches

When you go swimming at this scenic beach near Havana in Cuba, you might notice a strong salty taste in your mouth that is more powerful than your experience at other beaches.

Due to a flow of ocean currents that are concentrated in this area, there is a high salt level around this beach.

Playa El Salado translates to Salty Beach. Locals claim the extra salt is good for your skin and beneficial for healing.

This unique feature makes this beach extra special for nature lovers, health junkies and anyone who appreciates a beach that is a little bit different from all the rest.

Even though it’s nice to take a swim in the hotel pool, nothing beats swimming in the ocean.

There is a feeling of freedom and inspiration being surrounded by the natural beauty that Mother Nature infuses into Cuba beaches like Playa El Salado.

If you want to say you’ve visited one of the most beautiful and unique beaches in the Havana area, make it a point to visit Salty Beach

Playa Paraiso

Playa Paraiso Havana Cuba Beaches

When you translate the name, Playa Paraiso turns into Paradise Beach. Aptly named, this beach was once voted the third most beautiful beach in the world by travel industry experts.

Not surprising when you see the clear blue water that kisses the sugary white sands.

The feeling when you arrive at Playa Paraiso is quite exciting. It is a peaceful place, yet you experience those hyped-up emotions when you realize you’ve discovered somewhere special.

The quietness makes it a romantic place for couples or a serene haven for someone wanting to practice yoga, meditate or snooze in the sun without swarms of tourists around.

Enjoy swimming, snorkeling and heaps of fun in the sun. This beach doesn’t have any bars or restaurants, but it isn’t far into an area with hotels, shops and food supplies.

This beach is on the private island of Cayo Largo, so you need to fly from Havana but it’s only a short flight and good if you want to spend an entire day on the sand.

Another option is to book a night on the island and have two full days at Playa Paraiso. If you have time in your travel itinerary, this is a relaxing way to go and a chance to explore another area when you are not on the beach.

After a day of exploring the stunning beaches in Havana, you’ll want to unwind in comfort at a nearby hotel. If you’re wondering how to book hotels in Cuba, rest assured that there are plenty of options available to suit every budget and preference. From luxurious beachfront resorts to cozy bed and breakfasts, Havana offers a range of accommodations to ensure a memorable stay. Consider booking your hotel in advance to secure the best deals and availability for your beach getaway.

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