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10 Amazing Beaches in Utah

Jul 6 , 2022 · 6 min read

Utah is a state in the Mountain West subregion of the western United States. Utah is said to have the biggest and most beautiful landscapes in North America, which is what makes Utah different from the rest. The state offers something for everyone, from spectacular colored canyons, and snow-covered mountains to beautiful beaches, it has it all.

The seasons to be outdoors are with us, and if you are in Utah, here are ten amazing beaches to relax on.

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1. Flaming Gorge Reservoir, Dutch John

Flaming Gorge Reservoir, Dutch John in usa

In Ashley National Forest, Flaming Gorge Reservoir, and Sunny Cove Swim Beach are your go-to destinations. They provide some of the most picturesque beach spots, and on Flaming gorge reservoir, you will have plenty of places to set up camp, picnic, or hike through the trails. The beaches are expansive for sunbathing and playing games, but once you’re done relaxing and want accommodation, you will find plenty of decent accommodation around.  The flaming Gorge resort is the most popular, but you can find others that will fit your specific taste or preferences around.

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2. Sand Hollow State Park Beach

Sand Hollow State Park Beach in usa

Close to St. George, you will find the perfect sands of Sand Hollow State Par as an awesome playground for your relaxation. It is a popular recreation area in Utah, and the reservoir lake is fantastic for swimming, boating, paddleboarding, and even sailing. 

The reddish-orange sand is extremely photogenic, and the water is clear and warm enough for wading and just relaxing in an air mattress or your favorite water toys.

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3. Bear Lake State Park Beach

Bear Lake State Park Beach in usa

At 20 miles long and depths of up to 208 feet, Bear Lake provides some of the most amazing beaches in Utah.  There are miles and miles of shore, and finding a secluded area is not an issue here. Popular beaches on the lake include Rendezvous Beach and Cisco Beach. Rendezvous Beach is the narrower of the two, but it is expansive. 

A typical summer weekend here is buzz-filled with plenty of people swimming, playing on the water, and barbecues smoking everywhere. Party and festival vibes are everywhere, and if you want to socialize, rendezvous beach is the address to be. Cisco beach has sharper cliffs, but strong swimmers will love its natural diving boards.

4. Lake Powell

Lake Powell in usa

Lake Powell is undoubtedly the biggest among all Utah lakes, and this shows from the countless beaches littered all around it.  Some are open, and some are hidden, but if you come with a boat, you will get your pick of the perfect beach. With a boat, you have 196 miles of water to play with and plenty of sandy, pebble, and rock beaches to relax on.  

Popular beaches on Lake Powell include Warm Creek Bay, Padre Bay, Hamburger Rock, Bullfrog beach, and Hobie Cat Beach. During summer, the water gets to an ample 80°F, and the whole lake becomes a playground. For nature lovers, there is plenty of geology and wildlife to explore.

5. Deer Creek State Park, Heber Valley

Heber Valley in usa

Deer Creek State Park is known as a fishing and boating destination, but if you are also looking for beaches to loaf on, you will find many on your scenic outdoor excursions on the lake.  The lake has a family-friendly shoreline, and the sandy and secluded beach also make it a perfect romantic beach.  Whether it’s swimming or sunbathing, this lake is worth your exploration.

6. Huntington State Park

Huntington State Park in usa

If you are around Huntington and feel the water and sand calling you, you don’t have to go far. Huntington State Park has a lovely mix of sandy expanses and water to treat you to some of the best sunbathing in Utah. The sandy beaches are wide and flat, and the water is shallow. 

This means you can float away, swim or play games in the water. Many people come here to play soccer or frisbee, but when the water warms up, it’s everyone in the water.  You will find sheltered picnic tables, restrooms, showers, and a campsite around the park if you don’t wish to carry a lot of things.

7. Utah Lake State Park

Utah Lake State Park in usa

After Provo River was dammed, Utah Lake came up. Being in a desert-like area, the lake provides a perfect place to cool off in Utah’s hot summers. The hot weather warms up the water, and if you happen to be around, the best place to enjoy all this is from the beaches at the Outer Marina. Soft sand, great company, and the sprawling views of the mountains behind the lake make it an ideal recreation spot. 

8. Pineview Reservoir, Huntsville

Pineview Reservoir, Huntsville in usa

In Huntsville, Pineview Reservoirs is known for, among other things, its spectacular beaches.  The manmade lake has 3 beaches which are perfect for action-packed weekends and holidays by the water.  There are plenty of activities to be part of, from kayaking to paddle boarding and, of course, swimming.  It is a family-friendly beach, and if you have an adventurous family, this is the perfect place for them to horn their skills before going to the ocean. Windsurfer beach is a popular paddleboarding spot, but anywhere on the beaches, you can set up and have your fill of fun.

9. Quail Creek State Park

Quail Creek State Park in usa

Quail Creek State Park also has some amazing beaches.  With clear water, white sands, and cold water, they can easily be mistaken for beaches in exotic locations.  On the lake’s horizon, your view is lined by gorgeous, reddish, tan, and brown hills, which make the cliffs of the lake. 

The beach is also equipped with picnic tables, changing rooms, and washrooms. If it is the perfect beach day you want, you can swim, boat, water ski, tube, kayak, and paddleboard. Equipment is available at the local store for a small fee. 

10. Bridger Bay Beach, Antelope Island State Park

Antelope Island State Park has escaped the limelight for so long, but lately, it has been getting the recognition it deserves. It looks like a floodplain from afar, but once you come close, you are met by plenty of wildlife and a salty lake. If you want to float all day, this is an experience you should have. Hikes on the island are just glorious, and it is the perfect place for small groups, RVs, and you can choose between boating, hiking, walking, or driving to your campsite.

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